Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Snow Day!

Just like each of you, we are very busy this week. In order to be ready for Christmas there is still a little bit of shopping to be done, presents to be wrapped, goodies to be baked, parties to attend, and a house to be cleaned, yet here I sit.....blogging! I wanted to share a few photos of our snow day last weekend! We only got about 3 inches, but here in the south that is enough to close schools and cause panic! The snow started on Friday afternoon, but we didn't venture out to play until Saturday morning. We enjoyed our FFT (Family Fun Time) sledding, throwing snowballs, making snow angels, and just being together!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

1 Dancing Princess

Last Monday was Parent Peek Night at Dance Dynamics. It was alot of fun. I am so pleased with her progress so far this year. Dancing is definitely her thing! Check out this 2 minute clip and you will see what I mean!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas Tour '09

Welcome to our home! I can't believe I am just now finally getting around to joining The Nester's Tour of Homes, but better late than never, huh?! We are officially the 1071 st participant! I have enjoyed all of the sites that I have visited and always seem to walk away with more and more ideas to try. So, without further delay, let's get started......

Kitchen Counter

Oh, Christmas Tree! Oh, Christmas Tree!

The Ultimate Ornament Wreath

The Top of the China Cabinet

Centerpiece on Coffee Table

Ornament Centerpiece on the Kiddie Table (Thanks, Karmen!)

Centerpiece on Kitchen Table

Christmas Card Holder (aka permanent wall decor)

Top of Bookshelf in Living Room (I'm so lovin' these large iceskates!)

I hope you enjoyed your tour! I am still in the process of decorating other areas of our home and will try to post those pics before Christmas. As I am new to this whole decorating/crafting thing, I would love for you to take time and leave a comment. I welcome all feedback! Thanks for visiting and please stop by again soon!

How to Have a Mary Christmas!

I received this poem via email from a friend at work. I am unsure of the author, but wanted to pass it along anyway. I pray that over the next few days we will all take time to slow down and remember the REAL reason for the season- the birth of Jesus Christ!

T'was weeks before Christmas, and in Martha's house,
Everyone was stirring. . . even the mouse
The calendar was packed with places to be
Leaving no time to visit, or decorate the tree

The children were adding ideas to their list
And Martha felt pressure to grant every wish
So off in her car she dashed to the stores
To battle the crowds and traffic galore

Buy toys and ties, get ribbons and wrappings
Hit Whole Foods for cider and all of the trappings
To this store and that store, she hit every mall
Now charge away, charge away, charge away all!

Off to the parties and programs she flew
With Christmas approaching, there's so much to do!
With headaches and tummy aches and calories galore
Now everything's too tight that she bought at the store

So she fell on the bed and stared at the ceiling
She realized this is not what should happen this season
Why, what about my husband, my kids, or my parents?
Have I neglected my loved ones in the midst of this panic?

Now my sister, Mary, she knows what to do,
She always said Martha, "Christmas is not about you"
Only ONE thing is needed- and not all this fuss
Just listen to Jesus, He loves you so much.

When out of my wondering mind did appear
A scripture I learned at bible study this year
"Put God's kingdom first, that's what you do,
And everything else will be added to you"

So I decided to change and got down on my knees
I begged God's forgiveness, and asked how to please
"Serve others," He said, "as if serving Me,""
And love them, as you're loved, unconditionally.

"So I rushed from my bed and got scriptures to share
So my family could start Christmas right this year.
And I thanked God for Jesus and my cross that He carried
And I knew Martha's Christmas was soon to be "Mary"

Have a "Mary" Christmas!

Saturday, December 12, 2009


I don't know what has gotten into me! Today I found myself hit with "craftspiration!" That's 2 times in one week (but who's counting, right?!) Anyway, while at Kohls this morning I stumbled upon a pair of adorable ceramic iceskates that were 55% off! I had no idea what I was going to do with them at first, but for less than $5 I just couldn't resist! As I continued to shop, I couldn't get the iceskates off my mind. Hmm..how should I use them with my Christmas decor? I finally decided I was going to try my hand at another wreath. However, this time, it would be a "semi-homemade" wreath. So.....I started with items I already had, dismantled, rearranged, added a little ribbon, and voila! I now have the perfect wreath for my front porch. Check it out.......


What'cha think? I think I'm in love!!!!!!!

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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Crafty Christmas

Well, I have finally gotten most of our Christmas decor up. The only major project left is our outside decorations and that is on the "to-do" for this weekend. However, tonight I finally had the time to make my very own ornament wreath that I have been admiring on many blogs this holiday season. This creation was definitely a family effort. Mackaylan assisted with stringing the ornaments on the wreath (only 2 were broken in the process) and Mickey came to the rescue when it was time to hang it on the wall. Once the wreath was finished, I decided to try out another trend I have been admiring from afar this holiday season and- FRAME IT! I am totally in love with this idea! You will definitely see more frames at the O'Shields' home in the very near future (hint, hint!)

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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Guess Who's Back?

Look who made his first appearance of the Christmas season at our house tonight:

It's Urtle, our little elf friend! This is his 2nd Christmas with the O'Shields family. Each night he travels back to the North Pole to report to Santa about Mackaylan's behavior for the day. The next morning we all have a fun time searching the house to see where Urtle decided to land after his trip "home!"

This year, Urtle brought a few practical gifts (a new toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo and soap) with him for Mackaylan. He also brought a letter from Santa! Mackaylan was beside herself with excitement!

The arrival of Urtle really helps to kick off the Christmas season!