Sunday, March 9, 2014

Here's the Deal...

Living in a small town, and having a social media presence (FaceBook, Instagram, and right here on the blog), most of you probably know that this past summer Mickey accepted a job in Raleigh, NC.  At the time, we decided that the girls and I would stay back for the school year until we could get a better feel for the situation and what the future would hold.  Over the last 8 months, we have sold a house, moved in with my wonderful in-laws, and spent many hours in earnest prayer.  I’m the type of person who likes a plan.  And I really like MY plan.  However, God continues to teach me that He is the one in control and that it’s not always about what I want, but what He wants.

say all of this to say that at the end of the school year the girls and I will be relocating to the Raleigh area to be with Mickey.  This was one of the hardest decisions that we have ever had to make, and we know that the really hard part is yet to come.

Over Christmas break we moved into a house that we will call home in a suburban neighborhood outside of Raleigh.  As we were preparing for the move, my dad was quick to remind me that the one thing missing was the view of Hogback.  He was right.  However, to me, Hogback is not just another beautiful mountain.  It is a feeling.  It is friendships.  It is family. 

The next few months are sure to be full of ups and downs as we begin to make our home on Broadmoor.  I won’t lie.  It is scary.  Very scary.  It is sad.  Very sad.  But it is also exciting.  It is an adventure.  It is full of opportunity.  And we feel it is God’s will for us at this time. 

My family and I covet your prayers as we continue to spend our weeks apart, make the drive to be together on the weekends, and settle into a new community.  Please pray for the family and friends that we are leaving here and the family and friends we are yet to make.  Pray for our girls.  Pray that they will make friends quickly and that through this all they will see us live out our faith and total dependence on Christ. 

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Five on Friday

I knew today couldn't be too bad when it began with a warm cup of coffee and a Bojangles butter biscuit! Granted the biscuit was leftover from dinner last night and the coffee wasn't from Starbucks, but it was a great way to start the day nonetheless!!

I love watching Mackaylan and Lydia play together. It is not always without a squabble, but they really do get along quite well despite the 6 years age difference. Last Friday we all had a blast playing "Say Yes to the Dress" after watching it on TLC. Mackaylan was the host and designer while Lydia was the model. It was so funny!! They always keep me on my toes (and sometimes in stitches!) 

On Wednesday of this week we had Word Day at school. Mackaylan chose the word "enchanted" and I chose the word "masquerade." It is such a unique way for students to learn new vocabulary words and share in making memories with their classmates and teachers. I consider myself so blessed to be able to love what I do!

It is hard to believe that this sweet face is almost three! She is so spunky and full of life just like her big sis! I posted this pic on Instagram with the caption "Just a girl and her grits.." She would eat them for every meal if I would let her. And...look at those pigtails!!! Love her!!

I am so ready for tonight when Mickey comes home! It's hard to believe that we have been doing this weekend thing since the end of July! Just a few more months to go.  His only request for the weekend is homemade biscuits so I hope I can pull that off. We shall see!! Trust me, if that happens, I'm sure it will be "blog worthy!" Lol

I hope you have a fantastic Friday! If you have a Five on Friday post let me know so I can check it out!!   Have a great weekend!