Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Spring Break

My mom, sister, and the boys ventured up to the Raleigh area to spend a few days of Spring Break. We have had a great time showing them around and eating at all of our favorite spots. 

On Tuesday we met them at Southpoint Mall in Durham for lunch and a little shopping. That mall has two of my new favorite stores: Crazy 8 and Naarjte Kids. After a few hours there we headed home to relax a bit and then we continued our "Taco Tuesday" tradition at Fiesta Mexicana. I adore the Spicy Ranch sauce that they give you. While the service was slow, the food did not disappoint! Muy bien! Once we got home we all settled in to watch Frozen... again! ;)

Wednesday started out with breakfast on Broadmoor of pancake squares, sausage, and sausage balls. Around 11 we piled in the car and headed to Cary to go to yet another mall (Do you see a theme here?!) we ate lunch and then the girls and I rode on the carousel and the indoor train and the boys headed to Dave and Buster's for lots of fun! After a short late afternoon nap we headed back in to Raleigh to eat dinner at Burgerfi. It. Was. Awesome! I love the food and the atmosphere. Super cool! Currently mom, sis, Lydia and I are relaxing upstairs while Mickey am the kids are engaged in an intense game of Monopoly. 

Life is good.

Monday, April 7, 2014

The Start of Spring Break

Today was the first day of our Spring Break. We are spending the week in the Raleigh area with Mickey. Words cannot explain how wonderful it is to have my family together. Mickey walked in from work tonight and the girls came bounding down the steps yelling, "Daddy's home! Daddy's home!" It was awesome. I'm so ready to have my family of four back in tact. Until then, we will cherish every minute of this week together. 

Mickey met us for lunch at the NC State Farmer's Market. The restaurant was decorated in all things NC and the food was delicious! The girls, of course, were intrigued by the horse statue outside and the sleigh inside. I think they would have eaten in the sleigh if that would have been allowed! ;)

After lunch, Mickey returned to work and the girls and I ventured up to Barnes & Noble so that Mackaylan could spend the gift card she received for her birthday. She is such an avid reader and I will venture out in the rain anyday to continue to foster this love of books! 

Tonight for supper I tried out a salad recipe from one of my Pinterest boards and it did not disappoint. It was super simple and delicious- SCORE! 

At this time, Mickey and Mackaylan are snuggled up in the recliner watching Yogi Bear, Lydia is watching Team Umizoomi, and I am blogging. 

A super start to Spring Break 2014!