Saturday, May 12, 2012

Lydia Turns One!


Most people spend months planning their little one’s first birthday party. Now, while I admire those people, I am not one of them.  I put Lydia’s small, family celebration together in exactly 2 1/2 hours, and that includes invitations, grocery shopping and cooking! No, it was not my original plan, but due to a few unforeseen circumstances we had to reschedule her first birthday bash so we scaled back and kept this one very low key.  And do you know what?  She loved it (well, all but the cake!) Here are a few pics from “The World’s Most Simple 1st Birthday Bash:”

Granny and her girls!DSC_0554

We’re all smiles for Lydia’s birthday.DSC_0559

Grandaddy chillin’DSC_0561

What does a 12 year old do at such a party?  Play the iPad, of course.DSC_0562

Daddy and Uncle G putting together “the gift!”DSC_0564

Grams and LydiaDSC_0572

Jahpa and Uncle Gene walked down for a few minutes to love on the birthday girl!DSC_0576

It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to!DSC_0582-001

Just a little sisterly pep talk!DSC_0583


Diggin’ in…. NOT!  She didn’t eat one bite. DSC_0590

The traditional picture with Grandaddy!  We have one of these with every grandchild.  LOVE IT! LOVE HIM! LOVE HER!DSC_0594

Time to open a few presents.DSC_0602DSC_0604

Lydia’s new ride was a hit!DSC_0619

Birthday Buddies!!!!DSC_0629DSC_0630

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Mackaylan’s Top 7 at 7

Mackaylan is…

  • creative
  • loving
  • fashionable
  • energetic
  • outgoing
  • smart
  • full of personality

Mackaylan enjoys…

  • shopping at Justice
  • dancing
  • watching the Disney Channel
  • going to school
  • spending the night with Grams
  • writing stories
  • reading

In the past year, Mackaylan has learned to…

  • ride a bike without training wheels
  • dive into the swimming pool
  • swim in the deep end
  • dance “real” ballet
  • change a diaper- :)
  • read (and comprehend) chapter books
  • share her life with a baby sister

Mackaylan spent her 7th birthday…

  • going to Build-a-Bear.


  • making wishes,


  • eating a delicious piece of cookie cake,


  • enjoying dinner at Applebees,


  • opening presents,



  • dancing with her mom to Just Dance Kids 2- Sorry we do not have action shots of this activity.  Yes,that was on purpose! ha
  • and posing for pictures with the people who love her most!