Saturday, September 28, 2013

Fall Fun!


Last weekend we went to spend some time with Mickey in Raleigh.  The past two times we have gone to visit we have spent the majority of the time in the car riding around looking at neighborhoods and trying to get a feel for the area.  So this time we decided we were going to do something fun, and that is just what we did: 


We spent the afternoon on Saturday in Morrisville on the farm.  It was fun for everyone!  They had some attractions geared for the whole family, and some for just the kiddos.  We were all able to enjoy a hayride,



and Mackaylan loved jumping on the hay!


There was also a small petting zoo with goats and a calf.  The girls loved petting the baby goats.


With 3 different jump houses it was hard for the girls to pick a favorite, but I liked the farm one because I had never seen one like it before. 



Mackaylan also enjoyed climbing around in the “spider web” and playing a variety of other games.



And of course, the day would not be complete without face painting!





This picture sums up the Raleigh area… farmland on one side of the road and apartments, townhouses, condos, on the other.  It is so unique!  I really like it because it has all of the conveniences (Is that a word?!) of the big city, but it still feels like home with many rural areas that are close by.


We always have a fun time when we go to visit Mickey, but I would have to say this was our best visit yet! 

We actually went back to Green Acres on Sunday to try out the corn maze and to go on a pony ride.  It started raining when we attempted the maze on Saturday and the guy was nice enough to return our tickets so that we could come back and try again at a later date.  I’m not sure what was more challenging- finding the hidden check-in stations in the maze or keeping up with a very active who insisted on carrying the flag that was 3x as big as she is! Nonetheless, we all enjoyed experiencing this “first” together!

photo 1photo 2photo 3photo 4photo 5

All week Lydia keeps talking about riding the pony and letting me know that she is ready to go back to the “hay torn!”  (All I can think is she is shortening “hayride” and “corn maze!”)

What a great start to my favorite season of the year- fall!


Saturday, September 21, 2013


Blogging is easy.  Blogging CONSISTENTLY is hard!  I do not blog for extra income, but as a way to document life.  I tried scrapbooking, but am way too much of a perfectionist for that so that’s why I decided to blog. Blogging is a great way to record moments in our life that I want to make sure we remember forever no matter how wonderful or messy they may be.  

I say all of that to say that the past few months have been full of changes for our little family of 4… Mickey has started a new job with a new company in a new state, our house went from under contract to back on the market to back under contract, the majority of our belongings have been packed into PODS which are currently being stored until further notice, and the girls and I are temporarily living with Grams and Pop-O.  Add that on top of the beginning of another school year and you have one woman who is trying hard to hold it together, but is really just an emotional wreck!  Needless to say, blogging has not been a top priority.  However, I do not want this season of life to pass us by and not have any written record of life as we know it.  It may be busy and it may be crazy, but it is our life and I wouldn’t have it any other way! 

So, in order to stay on top of my blogging “duties” I wanted to share a few tips that I plan to try over the next few weeks:

1- Jot down ideas for posts as soon as they come to me.  My phone is never too far away so I can type my idea into my Notes app and save it for later.

2- Blog a few posts at a time and schedule them for when I want them to “go live.” This will allow me to keep my blog current, but not require me to blog everyday. Plus, once I get in the groove, it is easier to post a few at a time because my juices will already be flowing!

3- Use the Blogger app on my phone.  Since the majority of my pictures are taken with my phone anyway this makes posting so easy and I can post from anywhere.

I really hope this plan works.  I guess only time will tell!  If you have any tips for how you keep your blog fresh and current please share!

Until next time….

Sunday, September 1, 2013

1st Day of 3rd Grade

I can’t believe my sweet, creative, smart, beautiful Mackaylan is in 3rd grade!  The year of changing classes, increased accountability, and beginning of GT.  She was very excited about starting back to school, and I pray daily that she continues to love school and learning! 

It is also hard to believe that I am starting year 2 as and AP. We kicked off the “New <<School>> Year” with a great opening staff meeting complete with a cereal bar, photo booth, goal setting, and gifts (eeek!).  It was very rewarding to present each teacher with a new school shirt and The Energy Bus by Jon Gordon (highly recommend that book if you haven’t read it.) A lot of planning goes into the opening meeting(s) because they seem to set the tone for the entire year.  My hope for the 2013-14 school year is that it is one full of loving, learning, and leading.  I am so honored to be able to serve the same school community that I grew up in and contributed to where I am today! 

Happy New Year!!!