Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Life Lately...

It's hard to believe that my summer break is coming to a close. An upcoming vacation and then it's back to work! I have to admit that this summer has been one of the best in a few years. Between having a baby, finishing my masters, and changing jobs, the last few summers have been longer, but busy. This summer we have made the most of my shortened time off by having lots of fun and also making time to relax and get some projects done around the house. Here are a few random pics of "life lately!"

1. Mackaylan loves these glasses. She has worn them multiple days the past few weeks from everywhere from Applebees to the movies. I love this crazy girl, her confidence, and her spirit! 

2.  Proof that I have been productive this summer. With the house on the market I have tackled all closets and hidden areas!  



3. We always enjoy our time with friends. We have spent many days and evenings with the Greenes and Caldwells swimming, eating, and socializing!

5. On Sunday, my mom treated all of us to Sunday lunch to celebrate Mickey's new job (more on that later.) Even though the celebration was for Mickey he made fried okra for her two girls!!

6. This post would not be complete without documenting all of the rain we have had here in the upstate. It has rained everyday (at some point) for the past 2-3 weeks. CrAzY!! However, this week has been beautiful so we have enjoyed as much time as we can by the pool! 

So, there you have it... Our life via iPhone and the Blogger app while sitting in Chickfila! Isn't technology wonderful?!? 

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Cow Appreciation Day 2013

This year we celebrated CAD at breakfast. This was a good move as we avoided the rush and packed playground that usually accompanies CFA at lunchtime. 

My sis and her boys were on vacation and were not able to go with us. However, rest assured all vacations and other events will not be scheduled on CAS 2014! It's a tradition, folks! 

Nana was able to go with us and we also met up with the Caldwells too. 

Everyone had a fun time eating and playing. The Cow walked around and Lydia  was adamant that she "pet" him every time! 

What more can I say besides we heart CFA?!?!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Saige Paints the Sky

Today Mackaylan and I ventured to Columbia with Kathryn and Ellie to see a free showing of the new American Girl movie, Saige Paints the Sky. 

Despite getting off later than planned, we still arrived to the theater in plenty if time. Once we checked in at the designated table, we all received a ticket for a free popcorn and soda. The service at the concession counter was slower than I prefer, but the popcorn was definitely worth the wait! 

After we got our snacks, we headed back in to find our seats and settle in for the show. We had to wait on the movie  to start for a little bit, but I think the girls would agree it was worth the wait. The movie did not disappoint. 

All of the American Girl movies I have watched are heart warming, high quality films that promote positive character traits and strong values, and Saige Paints the Sky did too! 

As we were leaving the theater each girl was given an AG poster as a souvenir from the event! 

What a fun day with friends!!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Zoo Mania

What a wonderful morning we had at the zoo today. Lydia is at such a fun age to explore and "talk" about the animals. Mackaylan, being the great big sister she is, just feeds her enthusiasm and has the best time "teaching" her about the animals! Nana was able to go with us which made it our first unofficial "Nana Betty Field Trip of the summer! 

Mackaylan chose the Gators to view first because as she explained it, she is a "reptile girl, you know!" 

From there, we just worked our way around the zoo until we reached Lydia's favorite: the giraffes!

After we finished seeing all of the exhibits, we enjoyed a picnic lunch and time on the playground! 

It was a great way to spend a sunny, summer morning! 

Thursday, July 4, 2013

July 4th

Every year our local library has a 4th of July Parade for the kids. Mackaylan and I have participated in this event almost every year since she has been born. This year Lydia was able to join in on the fun! 

Kids decorate their bikes, Hot Wheels, wagons, etc. and we parade down Main Street to the local park. 

Everyone is dressed in their best red, white, and blue, and the sounds of laughter can be heard all along the way! 

This year we took a different route and ended back at the library because of the weather, but it was fun nonetheless! Something about a parade always makes me cry so of course I teared up along the way. Crazy, I know! The sense of community always gets the best of me! We had 4 spectators this year: Granny, Granddaddy, Grams and Pop O! Yes, all from our family! 

These two girls have no idea how much they are lived and adored!

We had a wonderful time at the parade,  but the highlight of the entire morning was when Mackaylan met a "real journalist" and was able to spend time talking to her about her job. My little aspiring author was thrilled!!!