Thursday, April 28, 2011

2 Grandparents and a Great Deal!


Yesterday Lydia and I spent the morning with my mom and dad.  This was Lydia’s first trip to her Granny and Granddaddy’s and the spoiling started right off the bat.  With any slight whimper she was scooped up and rocked, and the rocking and holding lasted pretty much the entire time we were there! I guess that’s what grandparents are for, huh?!



And I just have to share this:  For lunch we had an unbeatable deal from Pizza Hut.  The meal deal consisted of a personal pan pizza, 4 breadsticks, 4 cinnamon sticks and a fresh salad.  All of that was only $5!!!  To top it off, the large tea was only 99 cents!I’m not sure if this deal is available at all locations, but it is worth checking into.  I do know that it is only a lunch deal, but you could always buy it at lunch and then eat it for dinner.  I’m all about anything that keeps me out of the kitchen! haha 


I hope you are having a wonderful week!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Our Easter

I’m sure you thought you would open this post to see lots of lots of pictures of our family all decked out in our Easter attire, digging through our Easter baskets, and hunting tons of colorful eggs.  Well, that is not the case.  This Easter was not typical…

We didn’t dye Easter eggs, but the Easter Bunny did stop by with a few goodies:


I didn’t take any “formal” pictures, but take my word for it:  Mackaylan and Mickey were dressed to impress.  Mackaylan has been looking forward to wearing her “Easter prom dress” for weeks!  Yesterday when she came home from school she put her dress back on and we went outside for a quick photo shoot!

mac easter

I didn’t even go to church on Sunday, but Lydia and I went and watched the dress rehearsal on Saturday night.  This year we had an Easter drama that incorporated music, acting and interpretive movement.  It was amazing and many lives were changed. 



However, no matter what did or did not happen this Easter, it’s great to know that I serve a risen Savior!  I had to do a lot of self-talk to remind myself that it’s not about me, my expectations, or traditions.  Easter (and everyday) is all about Jesus Christ and the sacrifice He made so that I can live eternally with Him!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

The 1st of Many…


Last night we all ventured out for the first time (besides going to the doctor’s office) to eat dinner with Grams, Pop-O, and Aunt Betsi.  We enjoyed a nice taco dinner and a fun night just being together. 



This is just the first of many visits for Miss Lydia.  I’m not sure what Grams and Pop-O are going to do when they have two little girls begging to go home with them and spend the night.  Do they make a bed bigger than a King?  Well, at least Lydia will be in a crib for a few years! :)

Happy Saturday!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Warning: Random Post

Did you know that today is National High Five Day?  Well, it is, and it seems Lydia wanted to celebrate as well…


It’s amazing the things you learn by watching your local morning talk show! Ha!

This morning my cousins and Aunt Sandra came by for a visit.  We had such a fun time talking and sharing life’s stories.  We discussed everything from the “Royal Wedding” to salmon patties! There’s just nothing like family!


You love them even when they walk in your house with a box of 6 warm Bo-Berry Biscuits drizzled lightly with vanilla frosting just begging to be eaten.  I am never going to lose this baby weight eating like this….


On a more serious note, my heart is full of joy on this beautiful Thursday evening.  I am blessed with a husband who loves me more than words, two beautiful, healthy baby girls, and family and friends that have showered us with visits, delicious dinners, phone calls, texts, cards, and prayers over the past few weeks.  Thankful is definitely the word of the day!

visits with Lydia

And because I want this post to live up to its name as the most random post ever…  A quick pic of my two little girls all ready for bed!  I thought it was just too cute to not share. Good night!


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Welcome Little Lydia!

It’s hard to believe that a little over a week ago we were beginning to adjust to life as a family of four.  Lydia was born on Monday, April 4th at 8:13AM.  We arrived at the hospital at 5:30AM in preparation for a repeat c-section.  I was amazingly surprised at how emotionally stable I was that morning.  I remember crying all the way to the hospital with Mackaylan, but with Lydia I was just anxious that all would go well, and Lydia would arrive safe and healthy.  The nurses on duty that morning were wonderful and of course Mickey kept the mood light with his jokes and wonderful sense of humor.  Just another reason why I love that man!  After answering lots of questions, getting geared up in my luxurious hospital gown, and getting poked and prepped for my IVs, the anesthesiologist came in.  He was very nice and we discussed my back surgery and the possibility that I might have to be put to sleep if the spinal wouldn’t work due to my missing disk.  However, I am happy to report that that did not have to happen.  Thank you, Jesus!  My mom and dad, Mackaylan, and Mickey’s parents arrived around 7:00AM and we were able to visit for a few brief minutes before they took me back to the operating room.  Mackaylan was a little apprehensive about what was about to happen as we did not prepare her that mommy would be hooked up to machines and look like a “scary hospital monster.”  She did give me a kiss and sat with me for a few pictures before they took me back to the OR. 


Speaking of the OR… that was a different experience this time around.  The nurse just escorted me back to the OR and I hopped up on the table and followed all directions given.  The anesthesiologist in the OR with me was wonderful.  He explained exactly what he was doing every step of the way and kept me informed of everything I would and should not be feeling.  After they had me prepped, Mickey arrived.  I will never forget those next few minutes.  The anticipation.  Love.  Concern.  Hope.  The look in his eyes as we held hands awaiting the birth of our next precious princess.  We held hands and we waited….  Within just a few minutes Lydia Avanelle entered our world.


Over the course of the next few days the hospital was our home.  We enjoyed every moment getting to know our new daughter and spending the time with our family and friends who all came by for a sneak peek!  We are so blessed to be surrounded by people who love us so much during this time.  The hospital staff was wonderful and we received the best care imaginable.  Everyone who entered the room acted as if we were the only patients on the floor.  We were even able to reconnect with a lady we used to go to church with when Mickey and I were in the youth group as she was Lydia’s nurse on Wednesday morning before we were discharged.








Since I was feeling pretty good on Wednesday morning and Lydia’s bilirubin levels had decreased, the doctor’s felt good about sending us on home…

Once we arrived home we were greeted by family and anxiously waited for Mackaylan to return home from school.  In the meantime, Grams began to put  together the Pack-n-Play which I told her would just “pop right up!” Wow, that was an understatement.  However, after much perseverance she had it all put together and ready for use. 

Grams stayed with us on Wednesday night and on Thursday we were both running on little sleep.  We were up almost every hour on the hour and Lydia was not wanting to nurse at all.  By Thursday morning when my mom arrived emotions were high and I was continuously fighting back tears.  Thankfully, Lydia decided she was ready to eat around 11:00AM and it was a big relief for everybody.  If at any time I wanted to give up and give her a bottle it was that morning.  However, I am proud to report that has not happened.  We are both on a learning curve, but each day is getting a little better.  My mom stayed for the day on Thursday and then promised to return at the end of the week when she had planned to start her vacation.

Grams stayed with us until Sunday morning, and now we have my mom here until this Friday.  I cannot imagine these past few days without the help of family and friends.  Every piece of laundry in the house is clean along with baseboards, windows, and bathmats.  Amazing! 

Moving from one to two has been tough.  It has been very nice having extra bodies around to help out with Lydia, but especially with Mackaylan.  She has been loving all of the attention and I am sure next week will be another period of adjustment as we begin trying to settle into some type of a normal routine as life as a family of four.  Please continue to keep us in your prayers.

Well, I just wanted to post a little about life around the O’Shields’ household and how things were going.






Emotions are high.  Hearts are full.  Love abounds.


Monday, April 4, 2011

For this child I prayed... (a guest post)

From the fullness of his grace we have all received one blessing after another.

~ John 1:16~

Lydia Avanelle O'shields

April 4, 2011

9 lbs~ 20.5 inches

Welcome to our world!!

Baby Lydia arrived safe and sound this morning! I had the privilege of spending the afternoon with the O'shields today and can attest that mother, father, and baby are all doing splendid (tired, but splendid none-the-less)! Lydia is beautiful, healthy and full of life.

Please continue to pray for them as they adjust to life with two girls, that Lana's body would heal completely and quickly, that feedings would continue to go well, and that rest would come easy.

I know that they appreciate your thoughts and prayers!

(I promise more pictures, blogger was being silly and I could only load one at a time tonight!)

Dawn :)

Sunday, April 3, 2011

More of Mackaylan’s Birthday….

Mackaylan’s 6th birthday started off with a yummy waffle breakfast.  I wish I could say that our table was set with a bowl of fresh fruit as well, but the strawberries were only used as decoration on her “Food Face” plate from the Caldwells.  Ha!


Grams came over and started the gift-giving off before heading off with Mickey to his 4-wheeler race.  Mackaylan really liked her new Princess Ariel gown and slippers.


Later that night we enjoyed a small party with the family complete with a cookie cake from the Great American Cookie Company.  One word:  YUMMY!!!!!


Mackaylan received lots of great gifts for her birthday from Moon Sand to a new Leapster Explorer game to an American Girl doll.


However, her favorite gift of all was this:


My sweet daddy and mama refurbished my very first bike to hand down to Mackaylan.  I was a little worried that she might not like it because it doesn’t have all of the bells and whistles that the bikes we have looked at in the store have, but boy was I wrong!  She thinks it is awesome and loves that fact that it was my bike when I was a little girl.  So special!!!!


In fact, she and Mickey have practiced her skills all afternoon! 


I thought maybe all of the walking up and down the street and back and forth in the driveway might put me into labor, but little Lydia seems to be staying put!  I guess the next time I post the blog will be complete with pictures of Lydia’s arrival.        Good night!

39 Weeks!


Size of baby: Lydia Avanelle weighs around 7 lbs and is about 20 inches long.  The doctor has told me at my last few appointments that she thought the baby was going to be big.  However, as I mentioned last week, she thought Mackaylan was going to be big and she was average- 7.8 lbs.  I think she may weigh around 8 lbs, and in just a few short days we will know!

Gain/Loss: ? I'm trying to avoid the scale :) When I went in for my pre-op yesterday the RN weighed me in kilograms.  She asked if I wanted to know what it was in pounds and I told her that was perfectly okay.  I then went on to tell her that I knew it was a lot and that was all that mattered at this point!  We both got a good laugh out of it.

Maternity Clothes: Oh, yes! I can actually still wear quite a few of my pre-weight loss tops from Lane Bryant, but the pants have to be maternity.   It is so funny how I couldn’t wait to wear my maternity clothes and now I am so sick and tired of looking at them.  I’m SO ready for a change of wardrobe.

Gender: Girl!  Her name will be Lydia.   

Movement: Yes! She is a very active little girl, and I love it! However, I do think she may be running out of room because she doesn’t seem to be practicing her tumbling quite as much!   Her movements are more just shifting.  I guess we are both to the uncomfortable stage! She is most active in the afternoon and at night.  The other night Mickey was able to feel her moving all over the place. She went on and on for what seemed like 15-20 minutes. It was a special moment for us both!

Sleep: Sound sleep is slowly becoming a thing of the past.  It feels like it takes forever to roll over.  I have also found that when I wake up in the middle of the night my mind starts racing and it is hard to get back to sleep.  I guess it is just my body’s way of preparing for the sleepless nights ahead, right?!

What I miss: Nothing but my ankles! My feet are and ankles are swelling BIG TIME!  Flip flops have become my best friend so I am so happy that the weather is warming up.  Mackaylan loves to talk to Lydia via my belly button and she always says, “Sissy, stop making my mama’s feet so poofy!”  It’s precious!

Cravings: Lately I haven’t really had any cravings so to speak, but I have developed an aversion to chicken and/or white meat unless it is disguised in a casserole.

Symptoms: I have definitely been more emotional with this baby, but some will argue that has nothing to do with pregnancy! *wink*wink* 

Best moment this week: This week has been full of preparations for Lydia’s arrival.  Mackaylan and I have also been able to spend lots of time together as well.  I can’t believe that in just a few days I will be the mama of 2 precious girls!   

Update/Extra information: Stay tuned for the birth story and pics from Lydia’s big debut!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Happy Birthday, Mackaylan!



It seems just like yesterday that the entire family was gathered at the hospital anticipating your arrival and today you are turning 6!  Where did the time go?  I know we tell you all the time, but Mommy and Daddy love you more than words… all the way to the moon and back infinity times!  We are so proud of the little lady you are becoming.  Just this year you have been named Terrific Kid in your classroom and you have received the Character Award for the month of February… Caring.  Those two awards alone are more important than all the 100s in the grade book.  Watching you learn over the course of this year has been astounding.  You are like a little sponge and absorb everything your teacher (Mrs. Gramling) teaches you.  You are reading and writing up a storm and love to do math problems, tell time, and count money! Needless to say you are one smart cookie!  Mackaylan, you make us laugh each and everyday with your sense of humor.  Sometimes you try to be funny, but there are lots of times where you are witty and do not even realize it.  One of your favorite things to do is tell knock-knock jokes. Even when we do not laugh at the joke we end up laughing with you because you always think they are hilarious even if they don’t make any sense to us at all!  You love to color, play on the computer and/or your Leapster, and play with all of your Barbies.  You also love every minute that you can spend with your Grams (and Pop-O) and Granny (and Granddaddy.) There are times when I think you would stay with them forever, but you know we could never let that happen.  Mackaylan, you are going to be a wonderful big sister and we are positive that Lydia will think that you hung the moon. We sure do!  We love you and hope this is your best birthday yet!

Birth Day

mac's birth

1st Birthday

1 bday

2nd Birthday


3rd Birthday

3 bday

4th Birthday

4 bday

5th Birthday

5 bday

6th Birthday


Happy Birthday, Mac-a-doodle!