Sunday, January 19, 2014

One Super Sunday

I have been wanting to do a "Day in the Life" post for a while, and today worked out perfectly! We have been in Raleigh this weekend with Mickey and since we have tomorrow off we have an extra day together. It. Has. Been. Super. 

We started the day with a simple breakfast and then got ready for church. 

We have been visiting different churches each time we come up. Finding a new church home is not a decision that we take lightly and it is one of the most important decisions we have left to make! Today we visited ARBC in Garner and we felt the love of Christ from the minute we walked in the door! We went to the contemporary service and then stayed for Sunday School too. Mackaylan was a little apprehensive about attending SS at first, but came out of her class smiling. Lydia was all smiles from the time we walked in the door! The girl loves her some "Sunday School!" 

After church, we headed to our favorite Mexican restaurant for lunch. They have this homemade ranch sauce that I love, and Mexican is just what we do every Sunday. 

I was hoping Lydia would take a nap, but she didn't. So, while Mickey napped the girls played and I relaxed and played on the computer. 

Once Mickey woke up, he finished some work he was doing and then we all went for a walk (or skate) around the neighborhood. It was a beautiful day and we enjoyed being active together. 

Dinner consisted of hotdogs, baked beans, and chips. During dinner we had a small debate on the most popular hotdog topping. I thought everyone put ketchup on their hotdogs. WRONG! Mustard and cheese are the most popular toppings! Thank you, Google!

After dinner, the girls and I tried our hand at a loaf of banana bread. Let me just say.... Yum-O!! We had a fun time working together to prepare it, and an even better time eating it!! ;)

At this time, Lydia is snuggled in her bed and Mackaylan is cuddled up with Mickey on the couch. It truly has been a super Sunday! If only every week we had a 4 day weekend!?! 

Christmas Catch-Up

I can’t believe it is the middle of January and I am still trying to catch up on Christmas 2013!  In order to get back on track, I am going to keep this post to pictures only (well, sort of!)  I have “lost” the Christmas Eve/Christmas Day pictures somewhere on the computer so the following pictures are from Christmas on Oakleaf.  We always have Christmas with my family on the 26th so that we can really enjoy each other and have plenty of time to eat and unwrap presents! We have done this for the past few years and I think I am safe to say that this tradition will continue for many years to come.   We always have fun together and get spoiled beyond belief, and this year was no exception!