Saturday, October 26, 2013

Mickey Turns 34!

I guess I shouldn't have posted about being more consistent with blogging, huh?!? Every time I think I am going to get in the groove things get crazy! Oh well, I will try harder. That's all I can give you right now. You understand, right? Just don't give up on me. 

The girls and I traveled to Raleigh to celebrate with Mickey on his birthday. We took a new route which was a little longer mileage wise, but we didn't get caught in traffic at all so it was worth it! 

When we arrived on Friday night we met him at Cracker Barrell for a late dinner. Nana always packs us snacks for the ride so that kept everyone satisfied until we could all sit as a family and eat. After eating we headed to Mickey's hotel to settle in for the night. 

On Saturday morning Mickey left for work before we woke up. He always tries to go in early so he can get back to us before lunchtime! Anyway, once we woke up and started to get ready, I realized I had left my "beauty bag" in Landrum. No face wash. No makeup. No brush. I had nothing. 

The good thing about being in a new, big city is that you don't have to worry about seeing anyone you know! So, we hopped in the car and headed to Target. And just in case you are wondering, I didn't do that on purpose just so I could get in a Target trip!! Ha! While we were there we picked up supplies to decorate Mickey's room forbhis birthday too! The girls were thrilled!!

When we got back, Mickey came on home so we could go out and explore the city before the rain moved in. We had a great time walking around downtown. We walked around near the capitol building and took the girls to see Bagwell Plaza which was named after my Uncle Edward who designed the building! 

After lunch Mickey had to go back in to work for a bit so the girls and I took that opportunity to decorate! We had lots of fun making posters and playing with balloons! 

When Mickey returned from work he was very surprised! We gave him his presents and just chilled for the remainder of the afternoon!

On Saturday night, we went to eat with my cousin Brandie and her family. We went to an Italian restaurant at the birthday boy's request and it was delish! 

I think Mickey enjoyed his special day, especially the posters. They served as a reminder each time he looked at them of how much we love him. He is our #1 man for sure!!!