Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Grams’ Birthday Trip to TN


This year Grams decided she wanted the family to take a trip for her birthday.  She and Mackaylan had been planning to go to Pigeon Forge, TN to the Titanic Museum so they allowed the rest of the family to crash their “date!”  Unfortunately Mickey wasn’t able to go due to his demanding work schedule, but we had a fun time anyway.

We left out on Friday afternoon and had a pleasant ride up to the cabin. Aunt Betsi and Mackaylan held the fort down in the way back of the car, Lydia and I rode in the middle seats, and Pop O and Grams were our driver and navigator respectively!


Once we arrived in TN we checked into our cabin, relaxed, ate dinner, and enjoyed the amenities of our “home” for the night. 


On Saturday, we spent the morning at the Titanic Museum.  It was very informative, and I loved the way they had stations and information “centers” for all ages.  It was very family friendly.  Even thought I was disappointed at first that we couldn’t take pictures in the museum it also made me happy because I was able to enjoy the making of the memory instead of being so consumed with trying to capture the perfect shots! IMG_0321IMG_0324


There were only 2 things that would have made this trip better: 1- having Mick with us and 2- staying longer! However, we did enjoy every minute of our trip and being with our family.