Saturday, October 25, 2008

Mommy Date

Yesterday Mackaylan and I had an official "Mommy Date!" We enjoyed lunch at one of our favorite spots...Chick-fil-A and then we headed to see High School Musical 3 Senior Year. I hate the fact that my "baby" is getting older, but love that as she gets older we can enjoy more and more, movies, music, etc. I think Mickey is in for BIG trouble! :) Here are some pics from our wonderful day!

Aunt Martha came down to take our picture before we headed out on our "date." We thought it was worthy of documenting since this was Mackaylan's first trip to the theatre!

Eating at Chick-fil-A at Westgate Mall!

Mackaylan with her HSM friends...Troy, Gabriella, Chad, Ryan, Sharpay, and Taylor!

Waiting patiently for the movie to begin. Popcorn, Reese's pieces and a Coke made the movie experience complete!

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The Sparks said...

How fun! How was the movie? Mama and Eddie took the girls to see it on Saturday - they loved it!