Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Our "Not-So-Snowy" Day!

I can't believe it didn't snow! There is not even one little flake on the ground at our house!! I thought I would wake up this morning, peek out the window, and see a world of white. Needless to say, I was very dissappointed when I got up out of the bed at 3:40 AM to survey my surroundings and nothing looked any different. However, we are still out of school due to snow in other parts of the county so I am trying to take advantage of another day home and get some more organizing/cleaning accomplished. So far this is what I have "tackled:"

1- Made bed and picked up bedroom.
2- Cleaned out hall closet.
3- Cleaned out closet in "office."
4- Folded a load of laundry and put another load in the washing machine.
5- Posted pics of the top of my newly decorated china hutch. I actually completed this project yesterday, but thought I would post the pics today. My BFF Dawn assisted with the shopping, but left it up to me to do the actual decorating this time. She is all about scaffolding me through Decorating w/ Dawn 101!
Not bad since it is only 10:00AM! What's on your list for Tackle it Tuesday?

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