Monday, June 1, 2009

Weight Loss Challenge

So, I have decided to join Heather at Fit 'N Fabulous for a weight loss challenge. For those of you who know me, I am sure you are thinking...."Here she goes again!" I really struggle with losing weight. I have been on a diet, or at least have thought about being on a diet, since I was 8 years old. I remember that visit to the doctor's office like it was yesterday... Dr. Lyle, orange sundress, white gown, the dreaded word- DIET, and many tears!! Since then it has been a never-ending battle. I have tried everything from counting calories to liquid diets to diet pills. Now, it's time to use common sense and make a permanent lifestyle change! I know what to do... I need to eat an apple instead of a Snickers. I need to walk on the treadmill instead of sleeping a little longer. I need to drink water instead of Pepsi. I need to forgive myself when I slip up and recommit to the plan instead of letting one poor choice lead to a day, a week and eventually a month of poor decisions. And the list goes on....

In hopes of keeping myself motivated I made a list of reasons why I wanted to lose weight:
- to wear my original wedding band again
- to wear the many items of clothing that are taking up space in my closet
- to shop at regular clothing stores, not just ones with plus-size clothing
- to set a good example for my DD
- overall health
- to have a healthy pregnancy sometime soon
- to feel better

After losing the weight (30 lbs is a reasonable goal to get started), I want to:
- get family pictures made
- buy a pair of cute PJs
- go dancing with Mickey
- visit someplace tropical/beachy

Well, wish me luck! The challenge officially starts tomorrow. If you want to join, head on over to Heather's blog and give her your stats. Good luck!


Anonymous said...

Hi! I noticed you signed up for the challenge and I just had to stop by to say HI!! Pleased to meet you :)

I know exactly how you feel, I've been procrastinating getting a professional picture of the family because I don't want to stand out (all blimp-like)

You're not alone and we can do this together. I wish you SUCCESS on your weight loss journey!! <3

Dawn said...

Here we go!! We can sooo do this and be skinny and healthy and feel good-let's pray ourselves through :)

Christine said...

What an awesome post! I wish you the best of luck with this challenge and with your lifestyle change. I hope to get to know you better. :D

Autumn said...

I wish you all the best...weight is a hard subject for most women, and it really stinks! You're gonna do great!!

Daughter of the King said...

I can relate to just about everything you wrote about. Oh, the dreaded photos. Our kids deserve to have pictures of us with them, right?

We will do this!!

I will be praying for you (and everyone!) who is doing this challenge.

Best of everything to you!!


Lucrecia said...

You have such a healthy attitude, I know you will do great!

Rhonda said...

I am coming over from the challenge! Nice to meet you!

I love your wants after the 30 lbs. are gone! I am so with you on the family pictures. My 5 year old looked at our family pic and asked where he was! OUCH! I took it down! That is horible of me...but I want to be smaller! I am putting this project as a goal!!! A family picture WILL be taken before he turns 6!! (Nov.) I will say I have taken more pics of myself this year! Improving!

My goal is to lose 30 by then too! We can do it!!!! One day at a time! You will do great!!