Sunday, October 3, 2010

1st Visit from the Tooth Fairy

We had a quick, quiet, but very exciting visit from the Tooth Fairy on Thursday night! And man, the Tooth Fairy is very generous these days. :) She left Mackaylan a special note, $2, and the new TinkerBell movie. Did you know that the Tooth Fairy and TinkerBell are friends? Well, that's what the note said. Pretty cool, huh? Needless to say, we had one very happy 5 year old in our house on Friday morning!

The only problem is the Tooth Fairy accidentally took Mackaylan's tooth pillow with her. She must have had a very busy night! Hopefully she will return it one night very soon. :)
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Suze said...

Dang MAC tooth fairy LOVED you, i was lucky if i found a quarter in my tooth fairy pillow ha ha. My how time changes ! I also didnt know tinkerbell and tooth fairy were BFF but then again they do fly so who knows! sounds like she had a very good tooth to deserve all that , lucky her! ;)