Thursday, March 22, 2012

Visit with Baby Bo

We were so excited a few Saturdays ago when Baby Bo came to town!  I think Gordon thought he was going to bring Bo over for a quiet visit with his mom and dad, but we had other ideas.  We didn’t stay for too long…  Just long enough to cradle that sweet baby boy in my arms, snap a few pictures, and check out Grant and Heather’s ultrasound pictures!!!  We are so thrilled that our family is growing.  What fun Lydia and her baby cousins are going to have at Jahpa’s house at Christmas, on the 4th of July, and all throughout the year!!  Such special times.


IMG_0086Uncle Gene, Gordon, Baby Bo and Lydia


IMG_0089Jahpa and Bo

IMG_0100I love the expression on Lydia’s face as she checks out her “competition!”

IMG_0102Lydia and Bo bonding.


IMG_0106Mackaylan and Bo

And last, but not least….

IMG_0109Lydia and Grant (the soon-to-be-daddy) acting silly!

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The Price Family! said...

The last picture they kinda resemble, maybe its the hairstyle. : ) Fun memories!!!