Friday, July 13, 2012


I am so excited about this post!  I love being able to share with my readers about our latest family happenings, but I also enjoy it when I have something to share that may make your life a little easier too. Sometimes I share recipes, ideas, etc. and today is one of those days.  I want to introduce you to my latest summer project:   

2012-07-11 21.12.47

If you are like us you probably spend lots of time in your car, and summertime is no different.  I actually feel like we are in the car more often during the summer months as we are always  traveling to and from camps, the park, church, swimming, etc.  Well, there are certain items that we seem to always need.  So, I decided to put another one of my favorite 31 totes to good use: The Organizing Utility Tote.  This bag is perfect for this project which we have started calling our OTG (On-The-Go) Bag!

The 3 front outside pockets hold a water bottle for each of us girls.  I purchased these Camelbak bottles earlier in the summer and they have been perfect for us.  The each hold plenty of water and are easy to use for even Lydia.

The 2 side pockets hold our snacks.  Currently we have Goldfish in one and Ritz in the other!

2012-07-11 21.13.13

The 2 pockets on the backside are used for holding other necessities.  Pocket #1 holds our sunscreen and bugspray.  Pocket #2 has a hat for my adorable 15-month old who is still pretty much bald! :)

2012-07-11 21.13.27

Now, for the fun part….. the contents inside the bag!  I will explain each of these sections one at a time:

2012-07-11 21.12.58

#1- This is another one of my favorite 31 products, a Zipper Pouch.  This bag holds a change of clothes (undergarments included) for both of my daughters and a plastic bag for anything that may get wet or soiled.

#2- This Zipper Pouch holds all of my diaper changing supplies: diapers, wipes, a small blanket to use as a changing table cover, and a few plastic bags for dirty diapers. 

#3- I also put in the bag a book for both girls and a few other small toys for Lydia.

#4- A First-Aid Kit

#5- Now for some of you it may seem weird that I have an extra pair of shoes for each of my daughters, but I have been stranded too many times with a shoeless little girl!  They both love to go barefoot (as does their mommy) so it is a pretty common occurrence for us to be on the road before someone realizes that the shoes that were supposed to put on are still sitting in the closet!

So, there you have it!  Not only does our OTG Bag hold lots of necessities for a super summer, but it will keep your car neat and organized as well.  Do you need proof?  Here ya go:


Do you have any tips for keeping organized on-the-go?  Please share.


Hailonax said...

I LOVE this Lana! I am a super type A personality and love organization - but sometimes actually pulling it off is a different story! I might need to invest in one of these awesome totes :) Great ideas!

Tracy B. said...

What a great idea!