Thursday, December 26, 2013

Our Piano Princess


Last week Mackaylan performed in her 2nd winter piano recital.  And let me just say, she played as beautiful as she looked!  (However, I guess I am partial!!!)   She had her eye on just the right outfit for weeks and she pulled it off beautifully.  She is growing into such a lovely young lady.



It’s hard to believe that she has only been taking for 1 1/2 yrs.  She really loves it and practices often, especially since Grams and Pop O have a piano right in the family room!  She performed Carol of the Bells with such ease and really made everyone proud! 

Piano Performers Winter Recital 2013

And of course, here are a few shots of Mackaylan with some of her biggest fans (not pictured:  Granny and Granddaddy- They had to scoot out right after KK performed to take Lydia to their house.  Let’s just say that a piano recital with 49 participants is NOT the place for a busy little 2 yr. old! ha): 

DSC_0388Lydia and Jenna

DSC_0390Grams, Pop O, and KK

DSC_0391Mackaylan and Mom (that’s me!)

DSC_0392Mackaylan with our sweet neighbor, Della

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