Friday, June 20, 2014

Five on Friday

We have had a very busy week. Between packing up and moving schools and moving into our new house life has been crazy! However, in true O'Shields fashion, we made sure to squeeze in some fun along the way! 

1- On Monday these two had a great time splashing in the pool together. Mackaylan is a little water bug and is definitely "training" Lydia to be the same! 

2- On Tuesday Mac and I went to pack up the rest of the boxes in my office. I am sad to be leaving OPE, but excited to be able to get back into the "instructional coaching" role. As I posted on Instagram: My shelves are empty but my heart is full!

3- Wednesday was Moving Day!! All of our belongings are back from Raleigh and we are in the process of unpacking and settling in our new home. We have accomplished a lot in the past two days thanks to my awesome mom and wonderful mother-in-law!

5- Lydia went to Nana Betty's a few days this week so that we could work in the house. On Thursday morning I snapped this sweet pic as they ventured out on their morning walk! I am so glad we didn't have to say good-bye to this precious lady! She is just like another member of our family and we love her so much! She is such a blessing in our lives!

That's it for now! Today is going to be full of packing, organizing, and a little shopping! I guess I better get going! :)

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Tracy said...

You've been a really busy lady! I love the picture of the girls getting ready to swim. Too cute!! I'm so glad that it worked out for you all to stay close to your family.