Sunday, July 19, 2015

Cow Appreciation Day 2015

Summer wouldn't be complete without our participation in Cow Appreciation Day!  I think we figured out that this our 6th year participating.  The location of the Chick-fil-a we go to may change and some of the people that go with us, but we always go with my sister and her boys.  It's tradition and Bagwell's love traditions! :)  

I luv my herd!

 Mackaylan, Boyce (in his #cowswag), and Eli

 Lydia scarfing down her food so she could get to the playground.

 The cutest baby cow in the history of forever!

 Lydia the "cow stalker!"  She loves mascots!

 Isn't this picture hilarious?  It looks like I photoshopped my head onto my body?  However, I love this picture of my little stud muffin!

 Ace and Tia

 Eli and Bob (cousin visiting from Kansas City)

The whole gang!


Tracy said...

How much fun! We missed Cow Appreciation day. =( But, we did go to CFA for lunch last week.

The Price Family! said...

YAY!! One of my Fav post to read every year from you!!!