Sunday, January 24, 2016

Snow Much Fun!

We have had a ball the past few days playing in the snow!  It started snowing on Thursday night, turned to a sleet/wintry mix all day Friday, and then back to snow Friday night.  In the northern part of the upstate we ended up with 7 inches.  That's a lot for SC! 

I always consider a snow to be a success when Mickey doesn't have to go in to work, and he has been home with us for 3 days! And let me tell you... he has been the chief memory maker with the girls! He has spent many hours with them sledding, having snowball fights, and taking rides through town.  I can't wait until next year when Bubsy is a little older and can join in the fun too!  

On Friday night, Mackaylan had one of her best friends and her sister over for a sleepover.  They were staying with their grandparents who live in our neighborhood and they girls had spent a lot of time that afternoon playing together in the snow.  They came over after dinner and we took them back home on Saturday after lunch so they could suit up and all do some more sledding together. They all had a blast!

Ace and I came back home before the rest of the crew so I had time to bake some chocolate chip cookies.  When the girls got home with Mickey, we made some snow cream to go with them.  Lydia thought it was so cool that she was eating ice cream made of "real snow!" 

Church was cancelled this morning so Mickey headed over to his mom and dad's to get the "real sleds!"  While we were waiting on him to return, the girls took turns sledding down the front steps of the porch on the disk.  Once he returned, we all had fun sledding down the road.  I love making memories with my family! 

Tomorrow we will enjoy another day at home because the backroads are still very icy and dangerous to travel on.  A Monday at home with these 3 kiddos?  I won't complain! 

Here's to hoping we have a few more snow days in our future this winter!  They are just SNOW much fun!!! 

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