Saturday, August 9, 2008

A Little More About Me!

Since starting this blog I thought it would be fun to let you know a little more about the person behind the scenes-- me!!
So, here it goes....

*Nicknames? Lana Dawn, Lana Lou, Chista
*Favorite drink? sweet tea (esp. Ms. Tina's). However, right now I am only drinking water, milk, juice, lemonade, etc. I am trying to stay away from caffeine and carbonation! :)
*Tattoo? no
*Body piercings? My ears (I would love a tiny nose ring! Betcha didn't know that!)
*How much do you love your job? A lot...but please pray as I continue to discover the Lord's purpose in my life and which career path He would have me to pursue!
*Birthplace? Spartanburg, SC
*Favorite vacation spot? Aruba (I have only been there once, but would love to go back!)
*Ever eaten cookies for dinner? oh yes
*Ever been on TV? Yes. I was on the news when they did an educational segment on looping.
*Ever been in a car accident? yes
*Drive a 2-door or 4-door vehicle? 4 door
*Favorite salad dressing? Ranch
*Favorite pie? I'm not really a pie fan, but if I have to choose a fave it would be apple pie.
*Favorite number?3
*Favorite movie? Save the Last Dance, Step Up, Hitch
*Favorite holiday? Christmas
*Favorite dessert? Cookies, brownies....just about anything sweet!!!
*Favorite food? Mexican (I am SOOO excited I can eat it again and not get sick!)
*Favorite day of the week? Thursday......I like to call it Friday Eve.
*What do you do to relax? Read, surf the web, take a bubble bath.
*Favorite toothpaste? Crest
*Favorite smell? Mickey when he wears cologne! ;)
*What month were you born in? January
*Favorite music? Contemporary Christian, Praise and Worship
*Favorite Candle Scent? Anything fresh, except in fall and I like yummy warm scents.
*How do you see yourself in 10 years? 10 years older
*Favorite season? Fall
*Favorite color? I really don't have a favorite color, but right now I am loving the color green.
*Favorite NFL team? The Chicago Bears
* Favorite kitchen item? The crockpot
* Favorite magazine? Family Fun, Quick and Simple, and Home Life
* Favorite websites? Fly Lady, Proteacher, Todays Christian Woman ... and the list goes on!!
* Favorite flower? Tulip.

Until next time..... :)


Dawn said...

A nose ring, I am blown away :)

The Sparks said...

Don't forget how your introduced your self to us - LanaBanana.