Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Sister Day!

Today my sister, Lori, and I spent the day doing our favorite thing---SHOPPING!! We left Landrum, SC at 9:00 am and returned around 4:30 pm. Our first stop was at Wilson's 5 and Dime in Greer, SC. If you have never been to this place I suggest you hop in your car and go...NOW! They have everything from garden flags to bulletin board paper at unbelievably cheap prices! It is every teacher's dream! We were in that store alone for an hour and a half and could have stayed longer! After that, we ventured into several consignment stores on Highway 29 and found a few treasures. For lunch we ate at Monterrey's Mexican Restaurant. We enjoyed fast service, delicious food and mi hermana was able to freshen up her espanol before school gets back into session. Before heading home we stopped by Target for Sissy to make a return and, of course, we did a little more shopping. Don't you just love that store?! I can always find just what I need at just the right price! Needless to say, Sister Day was a huges success. Not only did I get to do one of my favorite things--shopping, but got to do it with one of my favorite people---my sister!
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Cutt Cutt said...

Hey Lana, Glad you had a day with your sister, she is too sweet as I had Boyce in my class last year. Glad you entered the world of blogging, it is really addicting, once you get started, but the awesome thing about it is that it is kinda like scrapbooking, except a lot quicker and less of a mess, My brother went to and made his sons first year of blogging into a hardback book, which looks amazin, anyways, welcome!

Dawn said...

What fun! You'll have to tell me where to dime store is, sounds right up my alley!! Hope to see you soon :)

Sharon said...

Hey Friend,
I am once again tackling another job at the old school and excited but scared to death. I am so glad you had a great day with your sister. I still want us to get together for lunch. Preston misses you greatly and always says at registration, "It will never be the same without Mrs. O'Shields." I feel the same way too. I miss you friend.