Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas Traditions...Part1

Christmastime is full of traditions! One of my favorite Christmas traditions is attending the Inman Christmas Parade with our friends Kathryn, Ellie and my Aunt Martha (aka Jahpa)! Each year since the girls were one, we have all bundled up in our warm winter jackets, gloves and scarves and headed out for the first public appearance of Santa in our area. I love the feeling of community as the parade participants ride by, throw candy and wish us all a "Merry Christmas!" I love to see the twinkle and innocence in the eyes of a child as they stand in awe of the man in the "big red suit." I love to see the excitement as kids are waving and shouting to Santa as he rides by high above on the firetruck. I love the sound of Christmas carols being played by the band as they march to the beat of the music. I just love Christmas!

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Autumn said...

How sweet is that??!! I love traditions...and even starting new ones!