Thursday, December 10, 2009

Crafty Christmas

Well, I have finally gotten most of our Christmas decor up. The only major project left is our outside decorations and that is on the "to-do" for this weekend. However, tonight I finally had the time to make my very own ornament wreath that I have been admiring on many blogs this holiday season. This creation was definitely a family effort. Mackaylan assisted with stringing the ornaments on the wreath (only 2 were broken in the process) and Mickey came to the rescue when it was time to hang it on the wall. Once the wreath was finished, I decided to try out another trend I have been admiring from afar this holiday season and- FRAME IT! I am totally in love with this idea! You will definitely see more frames at the O'Shields' home in the very near future (hint, hint!)

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