Thursday, December 17, 2009

How to Have a Mary Christmas!

I received this poem via email from a friend at work. I am unsure of the author, but wanted to pass it along anyway. I pray that over the next few days we will all take time to slow down and remember the REAL reason for the season- the birth of Jesus Christ!

T'was weeks before Christmas, and in Martha's house,
Everyone was stirring. . . even the mouse
The calendar was packed with places to be
Leaving no time to visit, or decorate the tree

The children were adding ideas to their list
And Martha felt pressure to grant every wish
So off in her car she dashed to the stores
To battle the crowds and traffic galore

Buy toys and ties, get ribbons and wrappings
Hit Whole Foods for cider and all of the trappings
To this store and that store, she hit every mall
Now charge away, charge away, charge away all!

Off to the parties and programs she flew
With Christmas approaching, there's so much to do!
With headaches and tummy aches and calories galore
Now everything's too tight that she bought at the store

So she fell on the bed and stared at the ceiling
She realized this is not what should happen this season
Why, what about my husband, my kids, or my parents?
Have I neglected my loved ones in the midst of this panic?

Now my sister, Mary, she knows what to do,
She always said Martha, "Christmas is not about you"
Only ONE thing is needed- and not all this fuss
Just listen to Jesus, He loves you so much.

When out of my wondering mind did appear
A scripture I learned at bible study this year
"Put God's kingdom first, that's what you do,
And everything else will be added to you"

So I decided to change and got down on my knees
I begged God's forgiveness, and asked how to please
"Serve others," He said, "as if serving Me,""
And love them, as you're loved, unconditionally.

"So I rushed from my bed and got scriptures to share
So my family could start Christmas right this year.
And I thanked God for Jesus and my cross that He carried
And I knew Martha's Christmas was soon to be "Mary"

Have a "Mary" Christmas!

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