Thursday, February 18, 2010

Our Life

As I was sitting thinking of how I wanted to post something new, I found much needed inspiration in Karmen's blog post titled Just a Dose of Us. So, here it goes....

Mackayalan is growing up so fast! She is beginning to really enjoy reading and writing and anytyhing "school-like!" Tonight we played Librarian. In this game someone called in an order for a book and she made it for you. She was making books about anything from groundhogs to 4-wheelers. In normal KK fashion as she was delivering the book to the rightful owner, she piled a few of her barbies and dolls onto the couch (aka car.) Then, she put the cat in the front seat with her. After she made sure everyone was "buckled" she looked up at me with those adorable blue eyes and said, "Look mom! A cat driving with her whispers! You don't see that everyday!" She always keeps us in stitches.

Mickey has been out of town this week. He has been in San Francisco with his company. I'm glad he has had a great time, but I am so ready for him to be home! He comes in tomorrow afternoon and has already called in his order for dinner! LOL This weekend is filled with another trip for him-- his first 4-wheeler race of this season. He races in 2 different circuits: Mid-East and GNCC. The weather looks like it is going to be very pleasant, possibly in the 60's, and that is good news for all involved!

Classes have started back up for me for the Spring term. It makes life very busy, but the pay-off will be worth it. As far as work is concerned, this week at school has been I Love to Read Week and each day has been filled with exciting reading related activities. I love the part of my job that allows me to plan and implement these types of events. On another note, my eye has stopped twitching! After a plea out to my Tweets, I think @christiethein hit the nail on the head with letting me know I needed rest. I went to bed extra early last night and I have not had one episode today.

With that being said, I am off to bed now.........

Good Night!


Christie Thien said...

Yeah...I got a shout out :) Glad you are rested and that Mickey is home with you all. KK makes me laugh!!

Alicia said...

Wow, your hubby was in our neck of the woods!!!

I'm glad you got rest and your eye stopped twitching. It's always weird when mine does that. :)