Friday, September 17, 2010

Losin' My Mind

I am beginning to think that I am losin' my mind at a very early age. This week has been full of forgetfulness and mishaps. Here are just a few....

1- Last Saturday, Mickey, Mackaylan and I went to the Clemson vs. PC football game. As we were headed to our box seats (courtesy of Mick's work) I suddenly realized I had packed everthing into my camera bag except for the most important part-- the memory card!!

2- Multiple times throughout the week I have walked somewhere in the school building only to realize that I had totally forgotten why I was at that place or needing to see a particular person.

3- On Thursday night, I spent 10 minutes frantically searching my car for my garage door opener. I even started honking my horn in the driveway so Mickey would open the garage door for me from inside. Then, I remembered that I haven't used my garage door opener since April when we got our new car. We programmed the garage door with the controls in the car, which are permanently in the ceiling!!!!

4- Just today I thought that I lost my checkbook. I called my mom, Mickey, and searched the car up and down only to find my checkbook safely in the house in it's assigned spot.

5- And to top it off, Mackaylan and I went to a consignment sale this afternoon and I bought the wrong pair of shoes. We tried on two pairs and I put the brown pair, which we wanted, back in the basket and kept the black pair.


On another note, we are looking forward to a wonderful weekend. Tonight Mackaylan is headed to spend the night with Grams and Pop-O and Mickey and I will meet up with some friends at the LHS football game. Tomorrow morning I am going to return to the consignment sale for 1/2 off day and then we will spend the rest of the day with friends. We will wrap up our weekend on Sunday with church and a 4-wheeler race. It's going to be busy, but time spent with family and friends is always fun!!


Alicia said...

LOL...sounds like ME!!!

The Price Family! said...

I wanted to let you know I chose you for a blog award. You can claim it at my blog! Hope you are having a great weekend.

Shalet Jimmy said...

It's really interesting to read all those funny and frantic moments.
God bless you

Suze said...

I used to do all of what you have done, but then i was introduced to adderall and it has helped me out tremendously -- ha ha mac is getting SO big tho! i've still yet to meet her , your holding out on me lol tell mickey i said hello! i graduate in may hallelujah and become an aunt in february , however no name for grandma or the baby except its a girl! oh and thx for introduction to blogging world, schools got overwhelming so its my filter to get my ducks in a row!