Friday, October 14, 2011

Mickey’s 32nd Birthday!

This week we celebrated Mickey’s birthday.  His work schedule has been c-r-a-z-y lately so we kept things pretty low key with dinner at home,  cake, and gifts!! You will be able to see by the pictures that Mackaylan “dressed up in her fancy clothes” for the party, and of course Lydia was all smiles on her daddy’s special day!  Here are a few pics from our fun night together:

DSC_1475The Birthday Boy



DSC_1526Does the wish come true if it’s not your birthday? :)

DSC_1470She’s all smiles!

DSC_1480Lydia and Grams

DSC_1481Mackaylan and Pop-O

DSC_1498Pop-O and Lydia

DSC_1503 Mickey and his toy 4-wheeler-a gift from Mackaylan.

DSC_1488Love this family shot.  It shows our personality!   

DSC_1516Books by John Maxwell

DSC_1508Birthday KISSESS!!!!!!!!!

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The Price Family! said...

Happy Birthday to Mickey!!! I just realiazed he is the same age as my husband!!! I love the picture where he has the 4-wheeler in one hands and the carriage in his lap. lol