Saturday, October 22, 2011

One Super Scavenger Hunt


Yesterday Mickey and I surprised the girls with a special getaway to Great Wolf Lodge! All Mackaylan knew was that we were having Family Fun Day and that she would be given clues along the way as to our final destination.  As far as Lydia was concerned, she was all smiles as usual! So, after getting poems written and bags packed we set off on our way!


The first poem let the girls know that we were ready to get the day started, and it also informed them that they would receive the first clue once we had departed.



Mackaylan received a game and Clue #2 just a few miles down the road.  Clue #2 told her she should would receive the next bit of information when we stopped for lunch.  It also let her know that the item she would receive she was sure to like a bunch!


We stopped for lunch in Gastonia at Longhorn and it was delicious!  There Mackaylan received her next prize which was a wallet and some cash along with a poem about Clue #3. 


Clue #2 told her that she would receive the third and final clue when she saw an airplane flying low.  Usually when we go through Charlotte we see lots of airplanes coming in and out of the airport.  However, yesterday we only saw 1, and if Mackaylan would not have pointed it out we would have totally missed it.  She was ready for her final clue!!!

Along with Clue #3 she received a lollipop.  The poem explained that the first letter of the three items she received were the initials to our final destination:  G for game, W for wallet, and L for lollipop:  GWL- Great Wolf Lodge!! 


It took her a minute to realize that we were really just a few short minutes away from Great Wolf Lodge, but once she did she was so excited!


During the month of October, it is Howl-o-ween at the Lodge which means there is trick-or-treating, hayrides, pumpkin painting, and “scary” story time along with the normal fun of the waterslides.



Once we got checked in we suited up and headed down to the waterpark for some fun!  NOTE:  Lydia didn’t wear this suit, but we took advantage of a photo op while we could! ha


Down in the waterpark we took turns riding rides with Mackaylan and spending time at the water’s edge with “Little Bit!”  Both of the girls LOVE the water so this was a perfect getaway. I thought it was hilarious that we saw 3 other families from CGS at “The Lodge!” It’s a small world!


Last night, we enjoyed some time trick-or-treating throughout the lodge, dinner, and a “scary” story time with Violet the wolf.  I just love these two purrfect girls!!



After a good night’s sleep (we were all in the bed asleep by 9:30PM!) we were up bright and early to hit the waterpark before returning home.  We enjoyed a delicious breakfast complete with Dunkin’ Doughnuts and were joined by Aunt Betsi for our morning adventures which made out trip complete!




We all enjoyed riding the slides, splashing in the water, and time away to focus on our family.  Mickey has been working crazy hours so this getaway was what everyone needed!  I knew it was all worthwhile when Mackaylan took my hand on the way to ride one of the slides and said, “Mama, thanks for bringing us here!”  Priceless!




Before leaving we took advantage of the fall d├ęcor and I snapped this adorable picture of my two favorite girls!!!  We tried to get a family shot as well, but it didn’t turn out.  I guess we will have to to to the pumpkin patch now just so we can get a family photo! haha


What a perfect fall break!!!


The Price Family! said...

So much fun!! I love how you are so creative!! ;)

Anonymous said...

Lana-that looks so fun!!!

The Sparks said...

Looks like so much fun! We are thinking about suprising the kids after Christmas. May have to steal your clue ideas!