Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Teachers Just Wanna Have Fun


On Monday night I met a group of my teacher friends at the Japanese Steak House for dinner and a book/ornament exchange.  We had such a wonderful time talking, laughing; just being together and kicking off the holiday season. I feel so blessed to work with colleagues that I also consider friends!


Now, this post would not be complete with out a song.  So, in your best Cindy Lauper voice sing with me….

When the workin’ day is done

Oh, Teachers, just wanna have fu-un

Oh, Teachers, just wanna have fun!


Charles O'Shields said...

Let me say this is something clean and something that anyone will love to read. May God Bless this O'Shields Family. This is what we need out there for others to see and enjoy. Boy this is something that we all need and that is stand tall be proud of who we are. In all that i have seen and read it just shows me a family that there is lot's of love for one another in this family. May i say this God Bless your family for bringing such joy and love to others.

Charles O'Shields said...

Merry Christmas to everyone of you at this Christmas time of the year. Let's make sure that we keep Christ in Christmas. I can remeber years ago when we would enjoy Christmas with family and friends. We would sit around the fireplace and just play games and tell Christmas storries. And we little children had to go to bed early on Christmas eve so that Santa Clauss would come. Ho-Ho-Ho or ha-ha-ha. God Bless all to all a good night.

Charles O'Shields said...

The New Year is upon us let's praise God. I'am proud to be in the O'Shields family at this time of year. But listen to this i'am much more proud of Jesus my Lord. MY friend Jesus is my all and all He is our soon comming King. Hope that you trust Him today if not you can know Him right now right where you are. Call on Jesus before it is too late. Pray with me Dear God forgive me of all my sins wash me white as snow come in my heart. If you prayed that prayer and meant that from your heart i rejoice with you.

Charles O'Shields said...

As i teach my glass i sure enjoy doing. Yes teaching can be and is fun. As i teach my class i have found that i have to stay on my toes. Boy oh Boy the things that my class can ask me. I had better be ready to answer. Sometimes i think that i just need to sit down and let them have it. I aways tell my class if i don' thave the answer that we will find the answer toghter. But i guess i will have to close with that. But yes i do love people and i guess that is the reason that i enjoy teaching so very much.

Charles O'Shields said...

I have not made a comment in sometime to this O'Shields. But let me say that i really thank God for the O'Shields Family and what joy that you bring to so many.God Bless you in 2013 and always.Keep up this great work. May i take this time to say that Carolyn and myself were married 50 years August 20 2012. We had such a great time as we renewed our vovs at the church. Praise God.