Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Christmas 2012.. Part 1

I must admit that this Christmas has been very atypical.  First off, we did not get out of school until the 21st which left very little time for last minute preparations.  On top of that, I was diagnosed with bronchitis on the 22nd, Lydia was diagnosed with the flu later in the week, and Mickey and Mackaylan have all been sick as well.  Besides all of the sickness. several of our regular traditions were altered a little for various reasons and while I understand (and appreciate) some of the changes it just felt weird. I’m not one for change. Anyway, presents were not under the tree wrapped until the 24th and pretty much I just wrapped them as the event took place.  The good news is no matter what society stresses the real reason of the season doesn’t change because our presents aren’t tied nicely with a bow, desserts aren’t made for family gatherings, and traditions and events are different from what they normally are.  Jesus is the reason for the season and that will never change!  Despite all of the aforementioned, we made the best of our circumstances and did a lot of loving, eating, gift-giving and receiving, and relaxing….

On the 23rd we had our Bagwell Christmas at my sister’s house.  We enjoyed our traditional lasagna and the kiddos opened presents.  We missed having Grant and Heather with us this year, but we are already looking forward to next year and having baby Jax with us too!


On Christmas Eve, we took the girls to see Santa at the mall.  Mackaylan had her picture made, but Lydia wanted nothing to do with him.  That night we went to the O’Shields for dinner and to open presents.  We usually have this event at our house, but since I was not feeling well at all my mother-in-law offered to have it at her house.  I usually enjoy hosting this gathering, but I welcomed this invitation because cleaning house and cooking a meal was the last thing on my mind for Christmas Eve.  We had a fun time eating and opening presents.  We even enjoyed a few hearty laughs during the night too!


Stay tuned to see what Santa brought to the O’Shields house and how we spent the rest of our Christmas holiday…

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Joeylee said...

Looks like you had a great Christmas. The girls have gotten so big