Thursday, January 3, 2013

Christmas Day 2012

I’m sure you are wondering if these Christmas posts are ever going to end.  Well, there will only be one more after this one and we will move on into 2013!

Christmas morning at the O’Shields house was full of smiles, hugs, laughter, and love!  The girls were so excited about all of the gifts Santa brought.  Mackaylan’s big item was a Kindle Fire HD and Lydia loved her baby doll and stroller.  I do think I have decided that next year Santa may bring less so the girls will have more to open up under the tree.  We usually try to do 3 gifts, but with clothes and other little stuff it always seems to go way beyond that.  I think I will stick to my guns about 3 things from Santa next year, but only time will tell! 

Anyway, here are some pics from Christmas morning….


Mackaylan’s 3 items from Santa were:  A Kindle Fire HD, a Barbie Limo, and a Journey Girl Doll.  She also got quite a bit of clothes, some new boots, a new comforter, an alarm clock (which was a defect) and a big box of Reese’s. 


Lydia got a baby doll, a stroller and cradle, a potty, and a little make-up vanity set.  She also go some clothes, a few bath toys and towel, and some M&Ms.



Granny and Granddaddy made their traditional visit to check out the girls’ Santa stash and to wish us a Merry Christmas.  We do not celebrate at their house until after Christmas due to my mom’s work schedule so we enjoy having this chance to see them on Christmas day.


Over Christmas break Lydia has discovered Bubble Guppies.  I love this picture of her watching the Cowboy episode with Granddaddy’s hat on.  We have watched the same 6 episodes 1, 210 times over the past 2 weeks!


Here’s a picture of Mickey with one of his favorite gifts… a Chicago Bears football ornament.  The second picture is him trying out his “Tickle Gloves” on Mackaylan.  They were a hit too!


I’m not sure what Santa thought when he saw stockings hung up this year.  Last year he had to leave all of our goodies in giftbags because we never found our old ones.  Mickey made sure we had stockings this year even if they didn’t all match!


Later that afternoon we went over to Mickey’s parents house to have our Christmas lunch with the Rush family. 


I think this smile pretty much sums up our Christmas day!  Don’t you?


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