Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Life Lately...

It's hard to believe that my summer break is coming to a close. An upcoming vacation and then it's back to work! I have to admit that this summer has been one of the best in a few years. Between having a baby, finishing my masters, and changing jobs, the last few summers have been longer, but busy. This summer we have made the most of my shortened time off by having lots of fun and also making time to relax and get some projects done around the house. Here are a few random pics of "life lately!"

1. Mackaylan loves these glasses. She has worn them multiple days the past few weeks from everywhere from Applebees to the movies. I love this crazy girl, her confidence, and her spirit! 

2.  Proof that I have been productive this summer. With the house on the market I have tackled all closets and hidden areas!  



3. We always enjoy our time with friends. We have spent many days and evenings with the Greenes and Caldwells swimming, eating, and socializing!

5. On Sunday, my mom treated all of us to Sunday lunch to celebrate Mickey's new job (more on that later.) Even though the celebration was for Mickey he made fried okra for her two girls!!

6. This post would not be complete without documenting all of the rain we have had here in the upstate. It has rained everyday (at some point) for the past 2-3 weeks. CrAzY!! However, this week has been beautiful so we have enjoyed as much time as we can by the pool! 

So, there you have it... Our life via iPhone and the Blogger app while sitting in Chickfila! Isn't technology wonderful?!? 


Karmen said...

Sounds like y'all have had a blast soaking up time together.

The Price Family! said...

OMG. Can you believe this rain? I am so glad that we have finally had a few days of sunshine!!!