Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Saige Paints the Sky

Today Mackaylan and I ventured to Columbia with Kathryn and Ellie to see a free showing of the new American Girl movie, Saige Paints the Sky. 

Despite getting off later than planned, we still arrived to the theater in plenty if time. Once we checked in at the designated table, we all received a ticket for a free popcorn and soda. The service at the concession counter was slower than I prefer, but the popcorn was definitely worth the wait! 

After we got our snacks, we headed back in to find our seats and settle in for the show. We had to wait on the movie  to start for a little bit, but I think the girls would agree it was worth the wait. The movie did not disappoint. 

All of the American Girl movies I have watched are heart warming, high quality films that promote positive character traits and strong values, and Saige Paints the Sky did too! 

As we were leaving the theater each girl was given an AG poster as a souvenir from the event! 

What a fun day with friends!!

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Karmen said...

So fun!! Ava wants an AG doll so bad. I guess we need to make a trip to Atlanta. :) glad y'all had a good time.