Saturday, May 24, 2014

Picture Post

I am trying to be consistent with blogging, but the end of the school year is CrAzY and super busy so I decided to extend a little grace to myself and just do a picture post! 

A post in the near future will detail the crazy turn of events that have brought Mickey back home and turned our little world upside down (in a wonderful way!)

(We love spending time on the hammock at Grams and Pop-O's house!)

On Thursday while Mackaylan was in tumbling, my mom and I went to a consignment sale that was closing down for the spring so everything was 75% off. We scored quite a few good deals including this doll house for Lydia! 

(The sisters playing nicely together with Lydia's new house. This is not always the norm so I had to document it!)

Speaking of Lydia, she has been having spells of unexplainable fevers. We just went through this on Easter and they finally treated her for a bacterial infection but they weren't sure of the exact cause. Well, they are back! So, after a visit to the  doctor's office yesterday, he ran a few test that were negative, but said if she still is having them on Momday he wants her to come back and he is going to do some extensive bloodwork. Right now she is playing and fever free. Let's pray she stays that way!!

(Lydia loved having Mackaylan in the office with her. She read her lots of books and put on a "puppet show!") 

Last night we were able to visit Mickey at work and check out his new office! We are so blessed that he was offered an opportunity to return to Sloan and for us to be able to stay close to our families! 

(This pic will be framed soon!)

And last but not least, another shot of Hogback! This mountain symbolizes so much to me, but most importantly- HOME!! 

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Tracy said...

Oh my goodness! I'm so excited that Mickey gets to work closer to home. That is awesome! I'll be praying for your little lady. Please keep us updated!