Sunday, May 4, 2014

Turning 9 Is Mighty Fine!

This year for Mackaylan's birthday she was going to settle for nothing other than a sleepover! While I am all about a sleepover (many fond childhood memories!) I was a little apprehensive with the idea since we are still living with Mickey's parents. However, Grams and Pop O are cool like that so adding 3 more girls to this "madness" was a-okay! The list originally started out with 6 girls, but was pared down to 3 (with a promise to have the other 3 at another time). 

We started the evening with pizza for dinner. Pizza is not really a really a favorite of Mackaylan's, but she loves cheese sticks, and who could go wrong with  cinnamon sticks instead of cake?!? Perfect! 

After dinner the girls decided it was time to open presents. It was so sweet to see what each girl bought for her. They really  put a lot of thought into their gifts which made it very special! 

Next up was a spectacular theatrical presentation of "Let It Go" and the viewing of several movies before finally turning in for the night. 

On Saturday morning the girls made journals before it was time for everyone to go home. It was neat to see each of their personalities come out through their designs. 

The girls got along perfectly and everyone seemed to have a great time. I look forward to watching these girls grow up together. I have a feeling it's going to be one CrAzY ride!! :)

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Tracy said...

What a fun birthday! Happy Birthday MacKaylan!