Saturday, October 11, 2014

Fall Fun

The past few weekends we have been trying to be very intentional about spending time as a family doing fun activities together.  When Mickey was working in Raleigh we were very intentional about making the most of our time together and we both agreed that we wanted that to continue once we decided to return home.  However, we have found ourselves slowly slipping back into our normal weekend routine.  So.. when some of our besties asked us to join them at the apple orchard nearby we jumped at the opportunity.

We had a very fun time taking a hayride and picking apples.  Plus, to top it all off, the apple doughnuts were to die for!!!  Mackaylan was mesmerized with the horses and Lydia was thrilled to be with her two "best friends!" The apples that were available for picking were slim, but we still had a great time being together with our friends.


Last weekend, Grams joined us at Walnut Grove Plantation for their Fall Fest.  There was a battle reenactment and lots of hands-on activities for the girls.  Mackaylan is a history buff so this was right up her ally.  It was all a little over Lydia's head, but she loved the small animal petting area and getting her face painted.  Both of the girls loved getting to pick out a little rag doll to take home as a memento and making their very own corn husk doll. It was a very fun morning!

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Tracy said...

How much fun! We've picked berries before, but never apples. Did you all come home with quite a few?