Wednesday, October 29, 2014

More Fall Fun!

Fall is my favorite season for many reasons, but I think one big reason is because of all of the fun, family activities we are able to enjoy!  I wanted to post about each of these events separately, but I think it will be easiest to just put them all in one post so that I will be caught up and ready to put up our Halloween pictures and post before Thanksgiving! haha 

A few weeks ago we had a blast at Boo in the Zoo!  This is a fun event where you are able to view the animal exhibits, but also leave with a bag full of candy and other treats for the kids.  Since Lydia had Emmersyn to pal around with we only thought it would be fair for Mackaylan to bring a friend so Hope went with us as well.  I love being able to make memories as a family, and sharing these special moments with friends is always an added bonus. 

Since the beginning of September we have been meeting with our Bucket Group each Wednesday night.  This is a small group through out church where we are able to develop relationships as we dig into God's word and live life together.  Last week we joined up with another group that meets nearby for a bonfire.  We had a blast!  I love a good bonfire (especially when marshmallows are involved!) and being able to share it with friends made it even better! 

On Saturday, we went to Clemson to tailgate and enjoy the game with some of Mickey's work crew.  This was Lydia's first Clemson game, and even though Mackaylan has been before, I think this will count as the first one she actually remembers.  The girls loved all of the excitement at the beginning of the game and Mickey enjoyed being able to teach Mackaylan a little about football and Lydia how to do the Tiger cheer!  We only stayed until halftime, but we enjoyed every minute we were there. 

Whew, that's a lot of fun for one family!  And to think we haven't even made it to Halloween weekend! :) 


Tracy said...

I love all of your fall fun! Our zoo does the same thing. It's call Hallowzooween. =) We haven't been yet, but this post makes me want to go. The football game looks like a lot of fun too. The picture of your family at the game is great!

Sherry said...

That is a lot of fall fun! I love that you gave me a little "hint" on my blog and can't wait to read more about it. Hope everything is going well!