Thursday, February 26, 2015


Tuesday we were all surprised by an unexpected SNOW DAY!!  One of my favorite childhood memories was waking up to an unexpected blanket of snow covering the ground so I was happy to be able to share this moment with Mackaylan as well!

I was up with Lydia (who had a dose of the horrific stomach bug going around) when I heard KK in her room getting ready.  I called her down and as she approacged the bottom of the stairs I opened the front door to reveal a small winter wonderland. She was so surprised!

At first we were only on a 2-hr delay, but that status was quickly changed to closed when the snow started sticking on the road. 

While my entire day was spent taking care of this sweet, little princess, I did take some time to walk outside with Mackaylan and snap a few pics. This snow was very wet and not very thick so we were not able to sled, but she and Mickey did have an opportunity to build a snowman.

The snow was beautiful and didn't stick around very long,  but today we are actually enjoying another snow day so I definitely won't complain!

Pics from #snowdayinthesouth Round 2 coming soon!!

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Tracy said...

The surprised snow face is the best! I love that picture. All of our snow is melted, but we might be in for another round this weekend. I'm so sorry that Lydia is sick. Karsyn and I just came home from school. She might have a tummy bug too. Aye!