Wednesday, February 18, 2015


Yesterday was the day we have all been waiting on all winter long. ..a SNOW DAY! Now,  we didn't get very much snow,  but we did get a lot of ice and that was enough for school to be cancelled and the sleds to come out!

The sleet and freezing rain stayed on Monday afternoon.  I knew the girls would be anxious to get out and play so I picked up the supplies we needed to make"ice marbles" to help pass the time. We had a great time adding food coloring and water to the balloons and then taking them outside to freeze.  Once they ate frozen you are supposed to peel off the balloon to reveal your "marble." Ours still haven't frozen entirely,  but with the temps in the single digits the next few nights I think it will happen before the weekend.

The girls were up bright and early so we all suited up and headed for one of the big hills in our neighborhood.  It's on the opposite side from our house so Mickey made 3 trips on the 4-wheeler to get us all over to the "sledding zone" safely. The ice was perfect which made the sledding "epic! " Mickey,  Mackaylan,  and Lydia all enjoyed sledding.  Baby Ace and I enjoyed watching them and taking pictures. 

Once the sledding was over,  we came back to the house and I made breakfast. In typical Lana fashion,  I burnt the toast,  but luckily we had a new loaf so I was able to make another batch to go with our sausage and eggs. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day so I love when I can sit down to a hot breakfadt because if usually consists of cereal,  pop tarts,  etc.

Mickey had to go into work around lunchtime,  but the girls and I spent the afternoon cleaning,  organizing, and just enjoying being together. 

And then to top it off,  around 5PM, we received the call that school would be closed again today!  Woo hoo! Now we can finish some of the "nesting projects" we started yesterday! 


Tracy said...

Looks like so much fun! You really got some great pictures. We might be in for another round over the weekend. Do you all have a second round coming too?

Sherry said...

Yep, we got that lovely ice storm last week too. Sigh. Now, if we get some snow this week, I will be happy. Otherwise, Spring just needs to get here soon. I love the pictures you got of the girls sledding. You all have a much fancier sled than we do. We just bought those cheap plastic ones from Lowe's. Haha!