Sunday, December 20, 2015

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas

December has been so busy!  I'm not sure why that surprises me, but it does. With all of the events, gatherings, and traditions, we have managed to have lots of fun!

WARNING:  Picture Overload

Urtle, our Elf, returned in early December.  He always brings "The 1st Gift of Christmas" so this year he brought Inside Out. We are lucky that Urtle is not one of those that gets into lots of shenanigans. He is pretty laid back and sometimes he gets SO comfortable in one spot he doesn't even make it back to the North Pole before morning! ;) 

We always kick off the Christmas season with the Landrum Christmas Parade and this year was no exception.  They switched up the time this year and it was completely dark the entire time so it was not the best for taking pictures.  Ace was diagnosed with Croup earlier that day so it wasn't the "first" that we wanted, but he was still mesmerized by the lights nonetheless.   

This year Mac is playing in 2 different basketball leagues.  She is playing with Boys and Girls Club through the school and for LifeSprings, which is sponsored by a local church.   She is definitely learning how to be more aggressive in the BnG Club League!  I am looking forward to watching her grow as an athlete over the next few months and years.    

Our church, The Well, has started having a GNO each month.  In early December, we had a "Pajama Party!" It was so much fun.  We had delicious food, fun games, and a great time of fellowship.  I was asked to lead a game so we played a game I found on Pinterest where you stuff pantyhose with balloons to make reindeer antlers. I was worried that it was be a flop, but it was hilarious and everyone seemed to love participating! 

Mickey, his dad, and sister, went to the Clemson vs. UNC ACC Championship Game one Saturday so I took the kids to see Santa and do a little shopping.  Of course, before we left I had to get a shot of my 3 greatest gifts in front of the tree. 

The girls go to LFBC on Sunday nights and are part of the Children's Choir.  They had their performance the following Sunday night and they did a great job.  Mackaylan had a speaking part and she rocked it.  Acting is her thing for sure!!

We couldn't believe it, but Mackaylan won her class spelling bee and made it the school-wide bee.  She and her BFF pulled #s 13 and 14 so they were able to sit beside each other the entire time.  I think she was more excited about that than anything!  She didn't win, but she gave it her all and made it through the 3rd round before getting out.  I was very proud of her effort and fearlessness! :) 

I tried to add a few new touches to our outside decor this year.  A friend at work gave me a wreath she won at our back-to-school program so I used it for inspiration to make some lighted garland to go around the door.  Ace was a great helper! 

So many times I wonder how I lived without Amazon Prime.  It is truly a lifesaver, especially at Christmas!  All of Mickey's side of the family make Wishlists and it makes shopping so much easier!

For the past few years, we have ventured up into the mountains to cut down our own Christmas tree and this year was no exception.  We put an artificial tree upstairs, but like to have a real tree downstairs. On the way, we stopped by my alma mater, Mars Hill University, visited the book store and took a quick ride through campus.  From there we went on up to the Christmas Tree Far, found the perfect tree, brought it home, and got it all decorated for the holidays! 

Mickey, Ace, and I went to our church's Ugly Christmas Sweater Party last week.  We had a lot of fun with our Bucket Group friends and church family!  We are so blessed to be apart of a church that values relationships and the importance of growing together in Christ!

I have a few more pics to post to get caught up before Christmas so stay tuned! 


Tracy said...

Looks like you all have been staying very busy!!! Your tree is beautiful!

The Price Family! said...

busy busy busy family. Man it seems Christmas does that. I still think it is so funny what a small world it is that you now Michael and Tobie. She was so sweet to stay with us the night before we had Jordyn, because I wanted to be home Colby that night. She kept Jordyn and brought her to the hospital. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

Sherry said...

What a fun Christmas month you have been having! We have been enjoying celebrating and making some new traditions in our new town and definitely enjoying our first Christmas with Mattox. I hate that little Ace has been feeling bad with croup, but he still looks super cute and always has a big smile on his face. Way to go Mac for winning your spelling bee! Merry Christmas to you all!