Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Fireproof Your Marriage

Last Friday, Mickey and I enjoyed Date Night with some of our best friends. We all went to see the new movie- Fireproof and then to Outback Steakhouse. In lieu of this wonderful movie on marriage, I want to take this opportunity to tell you a little more about why I consider myself to be married to the most wonderful man in the world....
Mickey is one of the strongest Christians that I know. He constantly strives to put Christ first each and everyday. He always seeks to know more about the heart of Christ and to live his life in a manner pleasing to Him. He has taught, and continues to teach, me and our daughter, Mackaylan, about who Christ is and how he would want us to live, through his words and actions.

Mickey is a hardworker. He works very long hours in order to provide for our family. Yet, he makes a consertive effort to find the just-right balance between work and home. He also works hard throughout the week in order to spend his time on the weekend with his 2 favorite girls! :)
Mickey is selfless. He sacrifices games of golf, athletic events and even some (ha) 4-wheeler races- just to name a few- in order to put our family first! He plays "horse" for hours on end with Mackaylan, tucks her in with a story each and every night, goes with me to the mall or to the grocery store, and the list goes on...
And of course, my husband, Mickey, is a hunk! I love everything about him from his strong, broad shoulders to his baby blue eyes! With him I always feel safe and loved!

Well, I could go on and one about the love of my life, but I will stop for now! However, I would encourage all married, dating, engaged couples to take time to see the movie Fireproof. It is a very powerful movie and will definitely change your life and how you view God's convenant of marriage!

Below are some more pics of our eventful evening.....

This is a pic of Jammy and Reagan. We are so blessed that the Lord brought these two wonderful people into our lives. Mickey and I have been praying for young, Christian couples to be apart of our church family and our lives and these two people are just one example of how He has answered that prayer!

This is a pic of Cher and Andy. Andy is our new pastor at LFBC. Over the past few months, Mickey and I have had a great time getting to know these two wonderul people. They are a great example of what a Godly, Christian marriage should be and we cherish their friendships dearly!

This is a pic of Brad and Lori. We were friends with Brad and Lori before Mickey and I were even married. This is another couple that I would consider "mentors" to Mickey and myself. They have taught us many things over the years as Lori was one of favorite S. School teachers and Brad was one of Mick's football coaches.

I do not have an individual couple picture of Russell and Dawn, but they are in this pic with Mickey and myself. Dawn and I were friends in high school, but life took us separate ways until here recently. Over the past couple of months, the Lord has rekindled this friendship in a great way! We are usually with them (and their son Isaac) at some point during each and every weekend, but also find time to exercise, talk, eat, pray, etc. with each other during the week. You can check out their family blog here.

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The Sparks said...

We are so happy that the Lord has given you such good friends at church. I remember you saying in the mountians that you were praying for that - I'm so glad the Lord has heard our prayers. We love you and look forward to a trip to Chuck-e-Cheese!

Jodi said...

Great friendships are so important! Glad you guys are developing such good ones!

So glad you found my blog and thanks for leaving a comment! I look forward to being able to keep up with you guys...so fun!