Thursday, February 17, 2011

32 Weeks


I'm 32 Weeks!

Size of baby: Baby O weighs around 3.75 lbs. and is about 16.7 inches long.  We are both growing like crazy.  It’s amazing how much my stomach has grown in the past few weeks.

Total Weight Gain/Loss: ? I'm trying to avoid the scale :) However, after looking at this picture I am beginning to think that maybe it isn’t all “just baby weight” like my friends/family keep telling me.  Oh, the joys, of pregnancy!

Maternity Clothes: Oh, yes! I can still wear quite a few of my pre-weight loss tops from Lane Bryant, but the pants have to be maternity.  

Gender: Girl!  Her name will be Lydia.   

Movement: Yes! She is a very active little girl, and I love it!  I don’t remember Mackaylan ever moving this much, but it has been over 5 years…hmm?! I’m convinced that she is going to be a gymnast! :)

Sleep: Sound sleep is slowly becoming a thing of the past.  It feels like it takes forever to roll over and I am trying to sleep on my side instead of my back and that is hard for me.  I have also found that when I wake up in the middle of the night my mind starts racing and it is hard to get back to sleep.  I guess it is just my body’s way of preparing for the sleepless nights ahead, right?!

What I miss: Nothing! We have been praying for this baby for so long I feel nothing but blessed!

Cravings: Here’s a crazy one:  Raisin Bran cereal.  I can’t get enough of it! 

Symptoms: I have definitely been more emotional with this baby, but some will argue that has nothing to do with pregnancy! *wink*wink* 

Best moment this week: My baby shower at school (pics and post to follow.)  I feel so blessed to be able to work with such wonderful people.  Not only did they spoil Lydia, but Mackaylan received quite a few “Big Sister” gifts as well. 

Update/Extra information: I go back to the doctor this coming Wednesday.  I’m looking forward to seeing what they have to say.  One more visit and I think I will be on a weekly rotation.  Time is ticking……


The Price Family! said...

YAY you are looking GREAT!!! Showers are so fun and Im glad they include big sister. Im glad things are going really good! Have a good weekend!

The Sparks said...

Yay, Lydia!!! Love you guys!