Sunday, April 3, 2011

More of Mackaylan’s Birthday….

Mackaylan’s 6th birthday started off with a yummy waffle breakfast.  I wish I could say that our table was set with a bowl of fresh fruit as well, but the strawberries were only used as decoration on her “Food Face” plate from the Caldwells.  Ha!


Grams came over and started the gift-giving off before heading off with Mickey to his 4-wheeler race.  Mackaylan really liked her new Princess Ariel gown and slippers.


Later that night we enjoyed a small party with the family complete with a cookie cake from the Great American Cookie Company.  One word:  YUMMY!!!!!


Mackaylan received lots of great gifts for her birthday from Moon Sand to a new Leapster Explorer game to an American Girl doll.


However, her favorite gift of all was this:


My sweet daddy and mama refurbished my very first bike to hand down to Mackaylan.  I was a little worried that she might not like it because it doesn’t have all of the bells and whistles that the bikes we have looked at in the store have, but boy was I wrong!  She thinks it is awesome and loves that fact that it was my bike when I was a little girl.  So special!!!!


In fact, she and Mickey have practiced her skills all afternoon! 


I thought maybe all of the walking up and down the street and back and forth in the driveway might put me into labor, but little Lydia seems to be staying put!  I guess the next time I post the blog will be complete with pictures of Lydia’s arrival.        Good night!

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Reisha said...

Love the name of the bike-Sweet Thunder! It fits! Glad she liked the plate. I just hope she doesn't get in trouble for paying with her food!