Monday, April 4, 2011

For this child I prayed... (a guest post)

From the fullness of his grace we have all received one blessing after another.

~ John 1:16~

Lydia Avanelle O'shields

April 4, 2011

9 lbs~ 20.5 inches

Welcome to our world!!

Baby Lydia arrived safe and sound this morning! I had the privilege of spending the afternoon with the O'shields today and can attest that mother, father, and baby are all doing splendid (tired, but splendid none-the-less)! Lydia is beautiful, healthy and full of life.

Please continue to pray for them as they adjust to life with two girls, that Lana's body would heal completely and quickly, that feedings would continue to go well, and that rest would come easy.

I know that they appreciate your thoughts and prayers!

(I promise more pictures, blogger was being silly and I could only load one at a time tonight!)

Dawn :)


Sarah Pirolli said...

Congratulations!!! She is absolutely beautiful!

Reisha said...

Can't wait to hold that sweet girl. Babies are time consuming, messy, expensive, and exhausting, but when they laugh, grab your finger, and coo, it is all worth it. Congratulations to Mickey, Lana, and Mackaylan. Happy Birthday Lydia!

Karmen said...

Oh Lana! She's beautiful! I know all of you are in baby heaven! Congrats on a lovely baby!

Anonymous said...

Oh Lana!!! She's so beautiful!!! Congrats!!!

Our Family for His Glory said...

How beautiful!! Congratulations! :)

The Sparks said...

She is beautiful! Sorry I have been a rotten friend this week, our life has been crazy, but I'm still planning on bringing you guys supper on Monday. Can't wait to maybe hold that sweet baby girl. I'll call you over the week-end to set up a time. Love you all!

The Price Family! said...

She is absolutely gorgeous! Congratulations on your new blessing from God! I know you guys are so happy! Pryaing for a quick recovery and an east transition to a family of 4!