Monday, July 11, 2011

3 months


I know I say it every month, but where has the time gone?  I can’t believe Lydia is already 3 months old.  She is growing and changing so much each and everyday.  It’s funny how 3 months in utero seems to creep by, but 3 months in the “real” world flies!  Here is a little info. about Lydia Avanelle at this stage of life:

  • wears 1-2 diapers (as a side note there is nothing like a Pamper!)
  • wears 3-6 months clothes
  • eats every 3 hours like clockwork
  • is very alert
  • loves to smile and gurgle
  • has decided that swaddling isn’t for her
  • is intrigued with the Backyardigans and the Price is Right
  • loves to play on her back and scoots all around, but has no desire to roll over- she dislikes “tummy time” with a passion
  • recognizes the faces and voices of those who love her most
  • loves to suck on her fists
  • slobbers constantly
  • is beginning to take a paci
  • captures the heart of her mommy and daddy each and everyday

DSC_0969Sitting up in her Bumbo!  She always seems so amazed with herself!

DSC_0905Lydia loves sitting in her bouncy seat.  It amazes me that when we first purchased this it swallowed her up!

DSC_0910Lydia and Mackaylan smiling before we headed out for lunch at one of favorite Mexican restaurants- Broncos! 

This post wouldn’t be complete without this picture…..


I just love those big blue eyes!  Also, take note of the drool, or as my buddy Brayden likes to say:  “She’s drizzling!” Love it!!!


Kat said...

oh my gosh look at all those gummy smiles!! :)

Alicia said...

OH my gosh!!!!! Has it been this long since I've visited????? Congratulations to your newest blessing!! She's beautiful, and is perfect!

Joeylee said...

what a doll. happy 3 months
I have a Canon Rebel T3, I need to read up on it too, I've only had it for a week. I've just been playing around with it

The Price Family! said...

She is sooooo adorable!! And I must thank you for your last post on Chic-filet.... I was at the mall on Friday and saw lots of cute kids dressed like cows, when it hit me. I know somebody that does this every year, I could not think of it for anything. So when you posted that post my mystery was solved. lol Congrats again on such a cute baby and graduation.

Christie Thien said...

I love the "drizzle" :). She's a cutie!