Friday, July 15, 2011

Project 365 Update

Okay, so if you remember, my wonderful in-laws gave me Project 365 for my birthday.  Up until Lydia’s birth in April I was all caught up and so proud of myself.  Since then it has been SO hard to keep up.  I take lots of pictures, but making sure that I take one a day and that they get printed and put into the book is hard work.  I have got to get back on track.  With that being said, here are a few pics from this week.  Some of them are better than others because they were all taken from my phone, but at least it fills the page in the book.  Happy Friday!

wabbanubLydia loves her new Wabbanub paci!

I can’t believe I am posting this next picture, but I am.  Please see the explanation below.  birdMickey’s parents and I were sitting around in the living room talking when I looked over at her and this was how she was posed. I’ve always heard that the 2nd born is a rounder! haha  

mac summer campMackaylan has loved going to day camp at church this week.  They have had all kinds of fun with paint, food, and water!

lydia napI had to snap this picture because Lydia is the Queen of Cat Naps.  However, I have discovered that a late afternoon nap and the swing equal a deep sleep!

princess girls This afternoon Mackaylan created these crowns for us.  Lydia and I had to share so she graciously agreed that I could wear it in the picture. Ha!


Kat said...

hahhahhahhahaaa LOVE the finger photo!

Tami said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Your girls are precious. I use to do my collages for Project 365. It's super easy to put them together.