Saturday, August 27, 2011

Smile! It’s Saturday…

I am really hoping in the next few weeks to try a few “Day in the Life…” posts, but until then I will just share a few of the highlights from our Saturday.

See this cutie? 


She decided to sleep until 10:00AM!  I was amazed.  Now, she was up 3 times in the night to eat, but once I fed her early this morning she. was. out!  When she finally woke up for good she was all smiles!

Once everyone was up and fed, us girls headed to do our normal Saturday thing- SHOP!  Mackaylan was thrilled because she was able to help me pump gas on the way.  Lydia was thrilled because she rode on a carousel at the mall for the first time. This mama was thrilled because she found quite a few bargains! You can see It doesn’t take much to keep us happy!


The late afternoon hours were spent resting and washing clothes.  I was going to cook supper, but Mickey suggested that we go somewhere so of course I took him up on that offer.  I suggested that we head over to the Boiling Springs area and make a pit stop by Lake Bowen to feed the ducks.  It had been a while since we had been there and I knew Mackaylan and Lydia would enjoy it.


After feeding the ducks, we headed to Firehouse Subs for dinner and then to Tutti Frutti for dessert.  Vanilla frozen yogurt + cookie dough bites + Reese’s Cup pieces =  YUM-O!!!! 


Now we are home and both girls are tucked into bed.  However, I am a little worried because somewhere along the way Mackaylan started running a fever.  We have tried a few rounds of Tylenol, and it seems to go down, but then it comes right back once the meds have worn off.  I am hoping and praying that a good night’s sleep will be just what she needs for it to break and go away for good.  I guess only time will tell….


The Price Family! said...

I just can't get over how much Lydia looks like her big sister! : ) We love going to Lake Bowen to feed the ducks. My grandma lives in Campobello so we make pit stops there often!!

Kat said...

your girls are absolutely gorgeous!