Tuesday, September 27, 2011


On Saturday we had 3 birthday parties to attend.  It was a crazy day, but I was thrilled that the timing worked out that we were able to go to all of them for at least a little while.

We started out the morning with Carter, Mackaylan’s buddy, from school.  He had a fishing party for his 7th birthday and it was a blast!  The location was perfect, and even though the O’Shields didn’t catch any fish we had a great time!


We left Carter’s bash to head off to celebrate with one of Lydia’s friends- Jenna.  This was her first birthday and it was full of friends, family, food, and fun!  Jenna and Lydia only share sweet smiles right now, but I have a feeling there are many more parties, sleepovers, and play dates in our future!


And last, but definitely not least, we ended our day with MP’s birthday party at the movie theater.  Mackaylan was not only excited about celebrating with MP on her special day, but that the movie of choice was Dolphin Tale.  The girls were encouraged to dress up for this occasion so Mackaylan decided that the big hat and sunglasses would be appropriate for this “red carpet” event! :)


Needless to say, we were all worn out by Saturday night, but it was definitely worth it!  Happy Birthday to Carter, Jenna and MP!  We hope this is your best year yet!!!! 

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