Saturday, January 14, 2012

Lydia- 8 months


Here are a few milestones from Lydia’s 8th month:

Crawling- Man, can this little girl move!  She is crawling everywhere and getting into everything.  Life as we know it is over!   She loves drawers, doors, and cabinets, and is obsessed with Mackaylan’s room.  Just last night we went and purchased not one, but two baby gates!!

Pulling Up- Lydia is constantly pulling up on furniture, toys, chairs, etc.  I believe she is going to be walking before her 1st birthday for sure.  Just recently she has even started letting go and just standing for a second or two.  Her favorite place to pull up is at the coffee table where she proceeds to chew on it like a beaver! On the bright side, it keeps her teeth a little dull! haha


Mama!!!- It was a long time in the making, but she has finally started saying “Mama!”  So, now her word count is up to 3 (or 5)… “dada,” “mama,” “bye-bye,” and sometimes it sounds like she is saying “hey there,” but I am not totally convinced on that one.  However, none of them are consistent.  It just depends on her mood!

Weaning- This one is bittersweet for me!  Lydia is now only nursing before bed and first thing in the morning.  All other feedings consist of formula and/or food.  I have loved every minute of our nursing experience and hate to see it come to an end, but she is ready to give it up and in some ways so am I- especially the pumping! 


Table Food-  Well, the little girl gets it honest- she loves to eat!! So far, we haven’t discovered anything that she doesn’t like.  She really enjoys the independence of feeding herself and will gobble up anything that we put on her tray.  However, she really loves biscuits, green beans, chicken, cheese quesadillas, diced apples, bananas, Gerber Puffs, and waffles!! 

Happy- Lydia is such a happy baby!  Every time we go somewhere people always remark on what a good baby she is and how content and happy she seems to be.  They are right.  Unless she is hungry she is going to be smiling! She has such a sweet disposition.  Trust me, we do not take it for granted.  Both of our girls are full of life and personality and we do not take that for granted.  We are truly blessed!


I’m not sure exactly how much Lydia weighs right now, but I think she is right around 22 lbs.  She is wearing 12 month clothes and size 3 diapers.  What can I say?  She is growing like a weed!  I can’t believe that in just a few short months we will be celebrating her 1st birthday!  Where does the time go?



Joeylee said...

Such a happy girl. Happy 8 months. She is so cute

Kat said...

She is so cute! AND SO BIG! I love the rosy cheeks! Happy 8 months

Hailonax said...

So precious, Lana! It's amazing how quick they grow, isn't it?!? Every stage is wonderful! Thanks for your encouraging comments on my "new addition" post :) I'm going to need prayers, but I know it's in God's hands!